The Emperor of Ocean Park by Stephen L. Carter: Mini Book Review

FictionThe Emperor of Ocean Park, Stephen L. Carter, thriller
Released June, 2002
672 Pages
Bottom Line: Read it.
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Plot Summary of The Emperor of Ocean Park

Following the death of his father (a Justice whose Supreme Court nomination ended in scandal), Talcott Garland tries to unravel the mystery behind “the arrangements”, a series of clues his father left him.

My Thoughts on The Emperor of Ocean Park:  

Previously known for his nonfiction writing, The Emperor of Ocean Park is Carter’s first novel. It’s fast-paced, intricate, and covers what will become Carter’s signature themes of elite Harlem society, Ivy League academia, race, conspiracy, and politics.  

Talcott’s discoveries about his father’s past and realization that he may have been murdered fuel the suspicion that the corruption his father is leading him to investigate may go farther than he ever imagined.

The Emperor of Ocean Park is a smart and gripping literary thriller and is on my Page Turners list.

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