Hanover Avenue’s Holiday Gift Ideas for that Special Bookworm in Your Life 2015

Anne Tollett from Hanover Avenue has been lighting up Instagram lately with unique bookish accents for your home, so I thought who better to team up with for a holiday gift guide for bookworms! Today, Anne is covering gifts for bookworms and I’ll share a gift guide with actual books on Monday! I give you Anne…

Hanover Avenue Logo

Two heads really are better than one – especially when the second head is the funny and brilliant Sarah Dickinson! Our very first muse at Hanover Avenue, Sarah has collaborated on more rooms with us than anyone else!

“Hey, Sarah, wanna choose every book for your dream library?”
Result: A True Reader’s Home Library

“Hey Sarah, wanna choose the books a bachelorette’s apartment in London who is looking for Mr. Right?”
Result: The White Knight Bedroom

“Hey Sarah, wanna pick the books for one bathroom shown three unique ways?”
Result: The Mineral Bathroom

Every time the answer is an energetic, “Yes! When do you need it?!”

The books that Sarah chooses for our Hanover Avenue rooms always round out the space making it feel personal and authentic. She is a true reader’s best friend, so to compliment the books Sarah picked for her Holiday Book List (coming on Monday), we decided to pull together our favorite and carefully curated items for the Book Lover in your life!


Holiday Gift Ideas for that Special Bookworm in Your Life

Holiday Gifts for Bookworms 2015 Numbers


1. Arteriors, Gidget Lamp – doesn’t this remind you of a question mark?

2. Dapper Animal Plates

3. Hand-Cut Agate Bookends

4. Fen Shui Lucky Foo Dogs

5. Quotation Marks Bookends – one of my personal favorites!

6. Big Top Classic Balloon Dog Bookends – another fave!

7. Conceal Book Shelf – confused about what this is? Check this out…

Hanover Avenue Floating Bookshelves

8. Whale Bud Vase 
– a little reminder of Moby Dick.

9. Ideal Bookshelf: NYC Print by Jane Mount – she has many other themes to choose from (including cooking, English Lit, fashion, children’s books, etc)

10. DIY Book Cover Series – find images of your bookworm’s favorite books and frame them in simple frames. Anne’s images came from a calendar!

11. Penguin Spines Notebook – would be great for Secret Santa or a gift exchange!

12. Bin Bin Waste Paper Basket – a waste basket inspired by crumpled paper….brilliant!

13. Chrome Plated Bathtub Caddy – a must have for anyone who reads in the tub!

14. Vintage Library Card Case for Ipad Air – yet another fave!

15. Dapper Animal Plates

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  1. Naomi wrote:

    Book ends are always so tempting, but I never need them – my books take up all the space from one end to the other!
    I love the whale bud vase, too. And, the floating shelves…

    Posted 11.27.15 Reply
  2. Since my Black Friday shopping is finished, except for one more, it’s the selfish time for me, me, me with these gifts!! I’ve had my eye on those quotation bookends ever since you posted your first dream room. *sigh* I guess I’ll be the sacrificial lamb and buy them. 😉

    Posted 11.27.15 Reply
  3. What a fun collaboration! I even had to go back and check out some of your previous posts! I love the above suggestions because they are different from what many of the typical gift giving guides are featuring. I love it!

    Posted 11.27.15 Reply
  4. Carmen wrote:

    Love the animal plates and the quotation marks. If only I had more space for things…

    Posted 11.27.15 Reply
  5. I’m still in love with that crumpled paper waste basket; it is TOO cute! I also love the quotation mark bookends; what a great idea. I love pretty much everything from Anthropologie though, so…GAH!

    Posted 11.30.15 Reply

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