Podcast Episode 11: Katharine from @ReadwithKat (Book Clubs & Living with Cystic Fibrosis)

Read with Kat


In Episode 11, Katharine from @ReadWithKat joins me to talk about living with cystic fibrosis and her real-life book club that’s been going strong for 10 years.

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  • Are we Team Lyla or Team Tyra (Friday Night Lights)?
  • Living with Cystic Fibrosis…and how it impacts Katharine’s reading.
  • An online book club for readers who like to read seasonally (Bookly Club).
  • Katharine’s real life book club, which has been together for 10 years!
  • Why Sarah dropped out of her real life book club.
  • Two things we think might be the secret sauce to keeping a book club thriving (and one of them is totally counterintuitive).
  • Katharine’s experience singing karaoke with author Elizabeth Gilbert.

Katharine’s Book Recommendations

Two OLD Books She Loves

Two NEW Books She Loves

One Book She Didn’t Love

One Upcoming Releases She’s Excited About

Other Books Mentioned

Other Links

About Katharine

Katharine Scrivener HeadshotInstagram | Twitter | Blog | Goodreads

Katharine lives in Baltimore with her husband and miniature schnauzer. She works in higher education doing communications, and spends the rest of her time hoarding books (and reading as many as she can). She runs the instagram account @readwithkat, and is also 1/4 of @thebooklyclub. Katharine is also a cystic fibrosis patient and advocate, sharing her story of life with CF at local events and online. Her dream is to open up a bookstore.

Next Week’s Episode

Hannah from Book Nerd Native (airing March 20)

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Are you in a real life book club? Do you ever have trouble keeping it thriving?

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  1. Excellent episode! I loved so many of the books (and shows!) you discussed here. The Goldfinch: overall, I loved it, but your conversation reminded me that I also found the Vegas section to be a slog. I’ve thought about rereading it, but I think I’d do The Secret History first.

    Sarah–I am with you on the weird busyness of May/September, and the difficulty of finding extended reading time in the summer. I’m hoping to get a *little* more this summer because I can finally turn my kids loose at the park and sit and read, but the pool is a no-go. I look at the moms sitting in the shade and reading for hours with total envy!

    Posted 3.13.19 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      Thank you! I’d definitely recommend Secret History first!

      And you’ll get there with the pool! How old are your kids?

      Posted 3.14.19 Reply

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