Podcast Episode 76: Laura Tremaine (Author of Share Your Stuff. I’ll Go First. & Host of 10 Things to Tell You Podcast)

Laura Tremaine


In Episode 76, Laura Tremaine (author of Share Your Stuff. I’ll Go First. and host of 10 Things to Tell You podcast) joins me to talk about why women in mid-life have trouble sharing, how she chose the 10 prompts in her book, how her book club chooses the books they read, and how her reading has been recently.

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  • The origin of the concept for Laura’s book and her podcast.
  • Laura’s view on why women in mid-life particularly tend to have trouble sharing.
  • How Laura chose these particular 10 questions for readers to ask themselves.
  • Why being less “married” to this book idea helped it succeed more than her previous book ideas.
  • If being a published author will change the way Laura talks about books on her podcast moving forward.
  • A teaser of Laura’s second book.
  • How long it took Laura to write Share Your Stuff. I’ll Go First.
  • How Laura’s reading life has looked over the past couple months.
  • How Laura’s book club chooses the books they read.
  • How Laura’s podcast listeners’ reading taste aligns with her own.
  • The next Stephen King book for someone who loved 11/22/63, but doesn’t love King’s horror.

Laura’s Book Recommendations [36:03]

Two OLD Books She Loves

Two NEW Books She Loves

One Book She DIDN’T LOVE

One NEW RELEASE She’s Excited About

Last 5 Star Book Laura Read [1:03:33]

Other Books Mentioned

Other Links Mentioned

About Laura

Laura TremaineWebsite | Instagram | Twitter

Laura Tremaine grew up in small town Oklahoma and moved to Los Angeles sight unseen when she was twenty-two years old. She worked in film and television production for many years at MTV, VH1, Fox, and Paramount Pictures, before pursuing writing full time.

Laura has been sharing her life online for ten years. She writes about friendship, anxiety, motherhood, and marriage. Her blog posts and podcast episodes resonate with women looking for ways to connect more deeply with others as they transform from one era of life into another.

Laura lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Jeff, and their two children.

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There will not be a new episode next week since the podcast is on a bi-weekly schedule.

The following week, there will be a full length episode featuring Syed M. Masood, author of The Bad Muslim Discount (airing March 3).

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Laura Tremaine


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