The First Annual Sarah’s Book Shelves Reader Survey

January 23, 2018 Community 13

One of the things I’m focusing on in 2018 is making the most of my reading community…and helping you make the most of yours! A big part of that is learning more about my blog readers and helping you learn more about each other! 

I hear from some readers decently regularly in the Comments section, but I know that’s just a small group of you. I’d like to learn more about all of you…even those that prefer to read without commenting (which is totally OK…it took me forever to start commented on blogs!) The Reader’s Survey will help me do just that.

It will also help me understand more about your reading tastes (and tastes in general) and give you more of what you want (and less of what you don’t want) on the blog. 

I’ll share the collective results with all of you so you can learn more about your fellow Sarah’s Book Shelves readers! And, look for a future opportunity for ongoing interaction with other Sarah’s Book Shelves readers!

You can access the survey here if you’re having trouble with the embedded version.

The 2018 Sarah’s Book Shelves Reader Survey

Thanks for your participation!

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13 Responses to “The First Annual Sarah’s Book Shelves Reader Survey”

  1. Tara

    I hope that enough people answer the survey so that my answers are not blindingly obvious – ha! This was fun, Sarah!

    • Sarah Dickinson

      I’ve got almost 50 responses so far…so you’re good!! Thanks for doing the survey – I’ve already been surprised by some of the answers!! Can’t wait to share them with everyone!

    • Sarah Dickinson

      Actually not! There are well over 100 responses, so picking out one person is hard!

    • Sarah Dickinson

      So do I! I’m going through results now and there is some interesting stuff in there! Will be sharing in a blog post.

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