What I’m Reading Now (10/14/19)

what I'm Reading now


I think I’ve been in a reading slump for the past 2 weeks or so. I finished a couple books that felt like slogs because trusted recommendation sources rated them 5 stars. Then, I DNF’d another book I was really excited about that also felt like a slog. But, I think I’m finally reading a fun slump buster and am hopefully back on the great books train!

I’m starting to think about my TBR list for Nonfiction November (kicking off on Monday, October 28)! And, I just recorded a podcast episode with an author who recommended a couple books that would be perfect for Nonfiction November!


Mini Episode 33, featuring Stephenie Freeman (@reads.on.wednesdays), aired last Wednesday!

And, a full length episode will air this Wednesday featuring Sara Hildreth of @fictionmatters! She’s a high school English teacher by day and we’re talking about books in the classroom. I promise you, this topic turned out to be far more interesting than it sounds!

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I finished reading…

Library holds came in…

what I'm reading now


After the Flood by Kassandra Montag (September 3, 2019)
A couple of my most trusted recommendation sources loved this post-apocalyptic novel about a future world where almost all land on Earth has been covered by water in the Great Flood. But, I thought it was a bit boring and ended up skimming the last 25% (which consisted of a lot of fight scenes, which I always find boring). It’s kind of a survivor / adventure story, but I think I would rather have read a book about the time leading up to and during the flood rather than after the flood. But, I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority on this one.
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Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell (September 10, 2019) – AUDIOBOOK
Loved that the audiobook was produced like a podcast and it’s the first audiobook in awhile that I chose often over listening to podcasts. While I found his take on each scenario he examined intriguing, the thread tying all these examples together was a bit loose. Mini review coming in an audio round-up later this year.
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I’m currently reading…

American Royals


American Royals by Katharine McGee (September 3, 2019)
Y’all, I’m actually reading a YA novel! I needed something I could easily fly through after a couple books in a row that I had to slog through and this library hold came in at the perfect time. It’s fun (it’s a “what if” scenario with America as a monarchy…and all the gossipy stuff that would likely go on behind-the-scenes) and is keeping me quickly turning the pages. I’m almost halfway through and I’d recommend it for fans of The Royal We (my review). Also, this is the first in a series!
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I tried, but wasn’t feeling…

Great Pretender by Susannah Cahalan


The Great Pretender by Susannah Cahalan (November 5, 2019)
DNF at 18%
Ugh…this book had so much potential! Such a fascinating premise, but it “read like nonfiction” if you get what I mean. There were too many dense tangents about the history of psychiatry, etc.
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Upcoming reading plans…

This one got put on the back-burner last week when library holds came in. Hopefully, I’ll get to it this week!

The Innocents by Michael Crummey


The Innocents by Michael Crummey (November 12, 2019)
I loved this Canadian novelist’s Sweetland (my review) a few years ago, so I’m hoping this survival story about a brother and sister in a remote part of Newfoundland pans out. This is also my last fiction ARC of 2019!
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How was your reading week?

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what I'm reading now


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  1. I don’t think After the Flood is for me. I read one Gladwell book years ago and felt manipulated when I was done so I’ve decided his work isn’t for me. I had high hopes for The Great Pretenders. 🙁

    Posted 10.14.19 Reply
  2. I’m curious about American Royals…and The Innocents.

    Enjoy your week, and here are Weekly Updates

    Posted 10.14.19 Reply
  3. Tina wrote:

    I DNFed After the Flood… Like you, I like the build up and this was feeling boring.

    Posted 10.14.19 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      Thrilled to not be alone!

      Posted 10.15.19 Reply
  4. Sorry After the Flood didn’t work for you. I listened to it and I many not have liked it as well in print either. I’m firmly convinced that listening makes me much more tolerant of things that might bother me in print.

    I’ve been wondering about American Royals since it’s everywhere. May need to give it a try.

    Posted 10.14.19 Reply
    • Kathy Martin wrote:

      American Royals does sound like fun. I’ll have to add it to my list. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

      Posted 10.14.19 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      Ha – I’m definitely more tolerant when listening!

      And American Royals def has rom-com elements (coincidences that are a little too coincidental, issues in relationships that could just be solved with a simple conversation, etc), but I flew through it and am rooting for all the couples involved (there are multiple relationships to follow)!

      Posted 10.15.19 Reply
  5. Beth F wrote:

    I’m not big on Gladwell, but hope you enjoy it. After the Flood is on my list, but I’m not sure when I’ll get to it.

    Posted 10.14.19 Reply
    • Katrina Parkinson wrote:

      After seeing an interview with Gladwell about his latest, I decided to pass. I finished Miracle Creek by Angie Kim which I selected upon your recommendation. Could not put it down, so many themes and characters to discuss with my Book Club when I review it next week.

      Posted 10.16.19 Reply

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