What I’m Reading Now (10/21/19)

what I'm reading now


Reading slump is officially over! I’m planning to fit in one more novel before switching over to nonfiction for a bit because Nonfiction November is kicking off a week from today! Get your TBR lists ready!


Episode 34, featuring featuring Sara Hildreth of @fictionmatters, aired last Wednesday! She’s a high school English teacher by day and we talked about books in the classroom!

Sara also appeared on the Currently Reading Podcast last week, talking about the other side of her reading life: her 70,000+ follower #bookstagram account! This makes a perfect companion episode to her appearance on Sarah’s Book Shelves Live.

And, mini episode will air this Wednesday featuring Sarah Bohl.

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I finished reading…

American Royals


American Royals by Katharine McGee (September 3, 2019)
The perfect book to pull me out of my mini reading slump! Fluffy, fun, and lots of couples to root for! My only complaint is that we have to wait a full year to find out what happens next! Instagram review coming.
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I’m currently reading…

American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson


American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson (February 12, 2019)
I’m about 3/4 through my second book in a row recommended by the girls at Bad on Paper Podcast (Grace Atwood & Becca Freeman, who were guests on Ep. 24 of the podcast) and it’s kind of a mash-up of a spy novel and a family drama…starring a black, female counterintelligence agent. I’m really liking it so far!
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Upcoming reading plans…

I swear I’m going to read this this week! I’ve suspended all my library holds, so it won’t get knocked out of the #1 on deck spot.

The Innocents by Michael Crummey


The Innocents by Michael Crummey (November 12, 2019)
I loved this Canadian novelist’s Sweetland (my review) a few years ago, so I’m hoping this survival story about a brother and sister in a remote part of Newfoundland pans out. This is also my last fiction ARC of 2019!
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How was your reading week?

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what I'm reading now


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  1. I keep hearing good things about American Royals. I need to check it out.

    Posted 10.21.19 Reply
  2. Glad your slump is over. It feels like I’m still right on the edge of a full blown one. I’ve been really curious about American Spy and since you’re liking it, I think I need to put a hold on it. I was also considering Beyond the Point.

    Posted 10.21.19 Reply
  3. I’ve had my eye on American Royals. It sounds great. Thanks for sharing your titles…and enjoy your week.

    Posted 10.21.19 Reply
  4. The Innocents looks really good! And I am going to have to check out Nonfiction November. I actually had planned to read a lot of nonfiction in November already!

    Posted 10.21.19 Reply
  5. Kathy Martin wrote:

    I’m glad your slump is over. I won’t be reading nonfiction in November since I don’t care for nonfiction much at all. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

    Posted 10.21.19 Reply
  6. I’m mostly ready for NonFiction November, though whittling down my TBR list is proving difficult.

    Wishing you a great reading week

    Posted 10.21.19 Reply
  7. Naomi wrote:

    I can vouch for Michael Crummey’s The Innocents – Loved it!!

    Posted 10.22.19 Reply
  8. Sally Valente wrote:

    My daughter surprised me with The Only Plane in the Sky. I do plan on reading it soon and I’m so glad you mentioned it.
    I’m reading a delightful book The Grammarians by Cathleen Schine. I’ve read her other books and enjoy her immensely. I actually finally got around to reading Orphan’s Tale by Pam Jenoff. I have read most of her books and admire her her writing . I have another new book Ellie and the Harp Maker by Hazel Prior which is about a harp maker but promises to be a little magical too. The author is English and does play the harp.
    Then I have Carnegie Hill by Jonathon Vatner which just looks like a fun breezy book. The back of the book had glowing reviews by authors I have read and liked. So hopefully no disappointment!

    Posted 10.22.19 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      Hope you enjoy Only Plane..well “enjoy” is probably the wrong word for that kind of book, but I think you know what I mean!

      Posted 10.25.19 Reply
  9. Elaine Sargent wrote:

    Loving Walking Through Walls: A Memoir by Marina Abramovic. All my library holds came in at once and I was thinking this was one I would probably skip and come back to as it didn’t look that interesting but oh no, I was wrong!

    Posted 10.22.19 Reply
  10. Bonnie wrote:

    Just finished Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens and actually talked my husband into reading it. I loved it and was sorry for it to end. My husband did not like the ending but it gave us something to discuss. I will go see the movie when it comes out.

    Posted 10.23.19 Reply

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