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March 12, 2018 It's Monday! What are you reading? 25

We had a basketball-filled weekend! My husband and I both went to UVA, so it was a pretty good weekend to be a fan (we won the ACC Championships and will go into the NCAA tournament as a #1 seed). Our basketball success in recent years has been pretty awesome for us fans since we’re TERRIBLE at football and, prior to Coach Tony Bennett arriving in Charlottesville, were only mediocre at basketball. So, it’s fun to finally have something to get excited about.

Last week, I debuted a new feature on the blog called Readers Recommend, where a regular blog reader (by “regular,” I mean someone who reads the blog, but does not have a blog of his or her own) shares an “Old Love, a New Love, and a Don’t Love.” Our first guest’s “Old Love” got some serious chatter going in the comments section! I’ll be doing this feature monthly, so email me at sarahsbookshelves@gmail.com if you’d like to participate (I do have a waitlist right now, but add your name now if you’re interested in participating in the future!).

Tools of Titans Tip
I’m slowly working my way through Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss, a collection of highlights from interviews he’s done with various stars of their fields. It’s chock full of awesome tidbits, so I thought I’d share the most helpful tip I pick up each week. I’m currently reading the “Healthy” section (next up…”Wealthy” and “Wise”).

The “Hard-Style” Plank
I’ve been doing these when I don’t really have time for core during a workout. And I’ve been sore…from 10 second planks!

Hold a plank for 10 seconds under max contraction (like you’re about to be kicked and breathe ‘behind the shield’ of your tensed midsection), not for several minutes. For a challenge, consider putting your feet on the wall, a few inches from the floor.

For rep sets, do 3 to 5 sets of 3 to 5 reps in dynamic (moving) exercises or hold 10 seconds for static exercises. Take 3 to 5 minutes of rest in between sets for both.

– From Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman of StrongFirst Inc, a worldwide school of strength

I alternate one 10 second static hold with one moving set of 5 reps (for my moving set, I put my calves on a foam roller and walk forward for 5 “arm steps” on my forearms). I do a total of 4 sets (so 2 for each exercise). Takes like 2 minutes, so I have no excuse to skip core work!

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I finished reading…

Tangerine by Christine Mangan

 by Christine Mangan (March 20, 2018)
Don’t be thrown by the cover of this one…it doesn’t read at all like historical fiction. It’s heavy on the emotional tension, lighter on the action. I really liked it, but it’s the kind of book that won’t be for everyone. Mini review to come.
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I’m currently reading…

Alternate Side by Anna Quindlen

Alternate Side
 by Anna Quindlen (March 20, 2018)
Anna Quindlen is one of my auto-buy authors (i.e. an author who’s work I love so much that I’ll read whatever he/she publishes). I’m about 70% through her new, NYC novel and…I don’t know. I’m not sure what it’s about. I see glimpses of her trademark writing, but it’s just kind of “meh,” especially compared to her other work.

Upcoming reading plans…

Not That I Could Tell

Not That I Could Tell by Jessica Strawser (March 20, 2018)
This “thriller” was my March Book of the Month selection! Y’all know I’m skittish with thrillers, but Amy at Read a Latte said this one was “not quite a thriller. It’s more an examination of the lives of these women, and the questions that circulate when a perceived perfect neighborhood starts to show cracks.” Which sounds right up my alley.

was reading…

One Year Ago: I just finished reading one of the more messed up books I’ve read in awhile.

Two Years Ago: It was the weekend Pat Conroy died…breaking my heart.

How was your reading week?

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What I'm Reading Now (3/12/18): I just finished the upcoming release Tangerine and am almost finished with Anna Quindlen's latest, Alternate Side. I'm slowly reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris and am sharing my favorite tip each week! #reading #book #bookish #bookworms #booklovers

25 Responses to “What I’m Reading Now (3/12/18)”

  1. Wendy

    just finished Queen of Hearts and ugh. I had high hopes for it–it had good reviews on Goodreads. It was disguised as a medical thriller but was nothing more than a love triangle between 3 doctors. Ick. I should have let the cheesy title be my first clue…

    • Sarah Dickinson

      I’ve heard some decent things about it, but for some reason haven’t jumped on it. Will probably pass now.

    • Sarah Dickinson

      That’s what lots of people have said, but I have liked some of her fiction in the past (Every Last One and One True Thing – despite their terrible titles!).

  2. Susie | Novel Visits

    You certainly have me curious about Tangerine. I look forward to seeing what you have to say in your review. The Quindlen has me very nervous! I want to take your advice and read another first, but it all depends on timing. Have a great week, Sarah!

    • Sarah Dickinson

      Please, please take my advice! Just skip this one and read Every Last One whenever you have the time.

  3. Laurel-Rain Snow

    I actually loved Alternate Side…but I enjoy character studies, and this one definitely felt like one of those.

    Also…NYC was a character in the story, and we got to see its many layers.

    Not That I Could Tell is my up next ARC.

    Enjoy your week, and here are

    • Sarah Dickinson

      Yes – totally a character study, but I wanted more from her because I know she’s capable of plot and character! She was great in her portrayal of NYC.

  4. Kathy Martin

    I’ve never read anything by Quindlen but hope you enjoy the new book. Congrats to your basketball team. I’ve never been to a school with a good team. Now my high school’s hockey team is another story. Four-time state champs when I was in school! Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  5. Amy

    I just started An American Marriage which I’m really enjoying so far. I’ve really enjoyed some of Quindlen’s work in the past but there have also been a number of meh selections. I don’t find my reactions to her novels to be in any way consistent from book to book!

    • Sarah Dickinson

      Haha! This one is my first real meh novel of hers. Loved Every Last One and really liked One True Thing and Miller’s Valley.

  6. Kay

    It’s been a while since I read an Anna Quindlen book, but I loved Every Last One. Such a story. I’m hearing maybe/maybe not about this new one of hers. Perhaps I should just reread Every Last One. Ha! I got my BOTM pick today and it’s Not That I Could Tell. Sounds like a winner. Maybe it will be one that we both like!! LOL

    • Sarah Dickinson

      Totally agree about Quindlen! Every Last One was an easy 5 stars for me!

  7. bermudaonion (Kathy)

    As a Hokie, I wasn’t that happy about UVA’s win but I feel good knowing Tech’s the only ACC to beat them all season. Seriously, though, I’d love to see an ACC team when the National Championship so I’ll be rooting for UVA in the tourney. I’ll have to try your planks.

    • Sarah Dickinson

      Haha! I remember you’re a Hokie! Thanks for rooting for us in the tourney anyway! Hard sell now that Hunter broke his wrist…

  8. renee

    I think Not That I Could Tell may be my next read over Tangerine but we’ll see. I like the idea of another neighborhood drama after loving The Family Next Door. Thanks for reminding me I’ve been neglecting my core work:)

  9. Aj @ Read All The Things!

    I think regular planks are hard! I don’t think I could handle a harder one. That photo is kind of hilarious. When my nephew was really young, he didn’t like hot food either. It had to be room-temperature. Have a great week!

    • Sarah Dickinson

      Ha – my son was the same way when he was little. Then it re-emerged!

      And the 10 second hard-style plank is both harder and easier than regular planks. Just different.

  10. Liz Mcadams

    I wish you had a search engine on your blog so we could check out old reviews you have written,

  11. Rebecca Foster

    Your general enthusiasm for Quindlen inspired me to borrow my first of her books from the library yesterday: Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake.

  12. Sherie Lundmark

    I picked the same Book of the month selection. Can’t wait to see how our opinions compare

    • Sarah Dickinson

      Me too! I’m about 30% through and like it, but am not blown away or anything. We’ll see how things go.

  13. Cahleen @ The Alt Story

    I loved Miller’s Valley by Anna Quindlen, so I was super excited to snag Alternate Side on Net Galley. So far I can’t really get into it. To be fair, I’m only about 20% through, but nothing is happening yet. I’m waiting for the big thing to happen that is supposedly so earth-shattering, and it’s taking forever.

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