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My Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2019

August 22, 2019 Book Lists 5

Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2019


It’s big, buzzy book season! But, I’m choosing carefully.

This year, I’m doing these quarterly posts a little differently since I now have a podcast! If you missed yesterday’s episode of the Sarah’s Book Shelves Live podcast (listen here), Catherine from Gilmore Guide to Books and I covered 18 books we’re excited about coming out this Fall. I’m talking about 4 of them again in today’s blog post (noted by each book)…but, check out the podcast to hear about the rest! Just click on the time stamp link next to each book and it will take you right to the place in the podcast where we talk about that book.

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Podcast Episode 27: Fall 2019 Book Preview

August 21, 2019 Podcast 0

Fall 2019 Book Preview

Welcome to a special episode of the Sarah’s Book Shelves Live podcast…the Fall 2019 Book Preview with Catherine of Gilmore Guide to Books!

Catherine and I share our most anticipated books coming out for the rest (August – December) of 2019.

Also, stay tuned for my Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2019 blog post, which is coming out tomorrow. I’ll share some of the books I talked about in this podcast, but also some that I didn’t!

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Book of the Month August 2019 Selections: What Book Should You Choose?

July 31, 2019 Book Recommendations 11

Book of the Month August 2019

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links, but I’m also a paying customer.


Welcome to my monthly feature “Book of the Month July 2019 Selections: What Book Should You Choose?”! Every month, I provide commentary on the books that are chosen as that month’s Book of the Month selections that will hopefully help you choose your pick, and tell you which book(s) I’m going to choose. AND, I provide you with the most up to date version of my Ultimate Guide to the Book of the Month Judges with free, downloadable template (below).

I’ve loved the selections recently, but this month isn’t particularly up my alley. I’ve tried one of them and it didn’t work for me. But, hopefully, one of these will appeal to you!

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What I’m Reading Now (7/29/19)

July 29, 2019 It's Monday! What are you reading? 17


Last week was busy with sports (my kids’ swim championships, a tennis tournament for me, and watching the FINA Swimming World Championships on TV) rather than reading, but the book I did read was excellent! I’m reading ahead and I haven’t heard what anyone else I follow thinks of it yet, so I’ll be interested to see the reactions roll in as we get closer to publication date.

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Q2 2019: My Best Book Recommendation Sources

July 25, 2019 Stats 8

Q2 2019 book recommendation sources


As many of you probably know, I started tracking my recommendation sources a couple years ago and using that information to pick better books. As often as possible, I’m choosing books that have already been read and recommended by trusted recommendation sources rather than from publishers’ catalogs or various “Most Anticipated” book lists. The key to success is the “already read” part because it provides an opinion beyond “does the premise sound good on paper?” and independent of publishers’ marketing machines.

Each quarter, I’m sharing my reading quality and my best recommendation sources. 

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