The Big Rich by Bryan Burrough: Mini Book Review

The Big Rich, Bryan Burrough, Texas oilNonfiction – Biogossip
Released January, 2009
508 Pages
Bottom Line: Read it.
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Plot Summary

The story of the rise and fall of the “big four” Texas oil fortunes: H.L. Hunt, Clint Murchison, Roy Cullen, and Sid Richardson (Sid Bass’ uncle).

My Thoughts

The first 50 pages or so are heavy on the history of the oil industry – but, once you get past that, The Big Rich is juicy! These families are scandalous (H.L. Hunt was a bigamist his whole life) and eccentric, which makes for great anecdotes. 

They also become heavily involved in politics and attempt to transfer the central White House influence from the Northeast to Texas – with humorous result.

The Big Rich is on my Books for Guys and Business Books lists.

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