Book Review: Seabiscuit by Laura Hillenbrand

SeabiscuitNonfiction – Sports (Released July 1, 2003)
Bottom Line: Read it.
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Plot Summary:
The true story of the race horse, Seabiscuit’s, rise from crippled looking underdog to racing dominance during the 1930′s.

My Thoughts:
Seabiscuit is the Rudy of horse racing. This is a feel good sports story that is filled with colorful characters (particularly Red Pollard, the jockey), which makes it read like fiction at times.

Like The Blind Side, Seabiscuit will appeal to people not interested in sports, as well as to sports fans.

Seabiscuit is on my Sports Books List.

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  1. Al Roth wrote:

    I met Tom Smith just after I began my quest as a jockey. It was 1952, just got out of high school and was at Santa Anita when I met him. He was stabled just down the shed row from us with one horse and he had an exercise boy named, “Red.” Might this have been Pollard?

    Posted 12.18.13 Reply

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