First Chapter, First Paragraph Tuesday Intros: Natchez Burning by Greg Iles

First Chapter First Paragraph

Every Tuesday, fellow blogger Bibliophile By the Sea hosts First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros, where bloggers share the first paragraph of the book they are currently reading or thinking about reading soon.

Natchez Burning, Greg Iles, fiction, southern fiction

Plot Summary from Amazon
Growing up in the rural Southern hamlet of Natchez, Mississippi, Penn Cage learned everything he knows about honor and duty from his father, Tom Cage. But now the beloved family doctor and pillar of the community is accused of murdering Violet Turner, the beautiful nurse with whom he worked in the dark days of the early 1960s. A fighter who has always stood for justice, Penn is determined to save his father, even though Tom, stubbornly evoking doctor-patient privilege, refuses to speak up in his own defense.

The quest for answers sends Penn deep into the past—into the heart of a conspiracy of greed and murder involving the Double Eagles, a vicious KKK crew headed by one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the state. With the aid of a local friend and reporter privy to some of Natchez’s oldest and deadliest secrets, Penn follows a bloody trail that stretches back forty years, to one undeniable fact: no one—black or white, young or old, brave or not—is ever truly safe.

With everything on the line, including his own life, Penn must decide how far he will go to protect those he loves . . . and see justice done, once and for all.

Here is the first paragraph of the Prologue:

“If a man is forced to choose between the truth and his father, only a fool chooses the truth.” A great writer said that, and for a long time I agreed with him. But put into practice, this adage could cloak almost any sin. My mother would agree with it, but I doubt my older sister would, and my fiancée would scoff at the idea. Perhaps we expect too much of our fathers. Nothing frightens me more than the faith in my daughter’s eyes. How many men deserve that kind of trust? One by one, the mentors I’ve most admired eventually revealed chinks in their armor, cracks in their facades, and tired feet of clay – or worse.

But not my father.

What do you think? Would you keep reading? Stay tuned for my full review…

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  1. Diane@BibliophilebytheSea wrote:

    I love the intro and would surely read more. I know this is quite the chunkster –enjoy

    Posted 7.8.14 Reply
  2. I absolutely love this intro! I’m a very big fan of fathers because they’re such important role models to their daughters and sons and sometimes, unfortunately, get pushed aside a bit by the whole ‘maternal instinct’ thing! But this sounds like quite an intense read! I hope you enjoy it!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    My Tuesday Intro
    Juli @ Universe in Words

    Posted 7.8.14 Reply
  3. Wow! The setting, the times, and the premise of choosing between truth and love definitely draws me in. Thanks for sharing, and here’s mine: “LITTLE MERCIES”

    Posted 7.8.14 Reply
  4. I would absolutely read this, and I have it on my kindle, yet unread. I really enjoy most, but not all, of Greg Iles books. I have The Quiet Game on my kindle also, and that comes first, so I will try to read these in order. Thanks for sharing.

    Posted 7.8.14 Reply
  5. While the Amazon summary didn’t grab me, the intro did. I’d keep reading!

    Posted 7.8.14 Reply
  6. I really enjoyed the one book by this author I read. This one is on my radar. I hope you like it!

    Posted 7.8.14 Reply
  7. kelley wrote:

    that’s a great beginning, I’m sure I would enjoy this book. Thanks for sharing today. kelley—the road goes ever ever on

    Posted 7.8.14 Reply
  8. I read this book a couple months aga and really liked it. I’d never read anything by the author but now I want to read more. I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I did.

    If you’d like to read my review, it is here:
    Joyfully Retired

    Posted 7.8.14 Reply
  9. I’ve heard that book is amazing!

    Posted 7.8.14 Reply
  10. Heck yeah, I’d keep reading! :O) TBR’d on GoodReads.

    Posted 7.8.14 Reply
  11. This one is on my “must read some day” list. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Posted 7.8.14 Reply
  12. JaneGS wrote:

    Most definitely–I like the premise, but I really like the opening. Lots to think about–some good philosophical tension and family drama and moral dilemmas. Very promising.

    Posted 7.8.14 Reply
  13. Yvonne wrote:

    Sounds good. This is an author I’ve wanted to try.

    Posted 7.8.14 Reply
  14. Pooch wrote:

    Sounds like a good story about moral-dilemma. Good summer read!

    Posted 7.9.14 Reply
  15. susan wrote:

    Wow that first paragraph is quite gripping … I’d read more.

    Posted 7.16.14 Reply

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