Podcast Episode 112: 2022 Summer Reading Special with Susie (@NovelVisits)

2022 Summer Reading

Susie Boutry (@NovelVisits) and I share our favorite books that missed last year’s Summer Reading Guides, some deep backlist books we think are great for summer reading, and our #1 picks for four categories featured in Sarah’s 2022 Summer Reading Guide.

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Introducing Summer Shelves (a companion to my Summer Reading Guide)…

  • In addition to my annual 2022 Summer Reading Guide, I’m introducing Summer Shelves, a companion exclusively for Superstars Patrons ($7/mo).
  • Summer Shelves features BACKLIST summer reading recommendations from over 25 former podcast guests and our team members.
  • The Summer Shelves design is clean, crisp, and unique and you’ll receive it in a PDF file format via Patreon.
  • If you’d like to get the Summer Shelves companion guide, you can sign up to be a Superstars patron here. You’ll also get access to a monthly bonus podcast series called Double Booked (where Catherine or Susie and I share our own book recommendations in the same format as the big show) and my Rock Your Reading Tracker.
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Our Summer Reading Guides

Summer Reading [4:23]

Books That Missed Last Year’s Summer Reading Guides [4:58]



Backlist Books That Are Great for Summer Reading [25:30]



Our #1 Summer Picks by Category  [42:08]

Something Light / Fun

Something Fast Paced / Intense

Something with a Bit More Substance

Something Different

Other Books Mentioned

Other Links

About Susie Boutry

Susie Boutry of Novel Visits

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Susie has loved reading for as long as she can remember. Some of her fondest childhood memories involve long afternoons at the library and then reading late into the night. More than ten years ago, she began journaling about the books she read and turned that passion into writing about books. Her first forays were as a guest reviewer on a friend’s blog, but she soon realized she wanted to be reviewing and talking about books on a blog of her own. From there, Novel Visits was born. That was in 2016 and, though the learning curve was steep, she loves being a part of the book community. Novel Visits focuses on new novel reviews (print and audio), previews of upcoming releases, and musings on all things bookish.

Next Episodes

Next Wednesday (May 25), Catherine (@gilmoreguide) will be joining me for the Spring 2022 Circle Back episode.  And the following week (June 1), Catherine and I are back with the Summer 2022 Book Preview.

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2022 Summer Reading


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