It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? (4/20/15)

I spent a lot of time over the last week thinking about traditional book reviews. How they just don’t do as well as some other types of posts. And, how I mostly scan other people’s reviews rather than read every word (I assume people scan mine as well!). So, I’m working on an alternate format to make my reviews less “traditional”, more “scannable”, and more concise. I’ll debut a first effort this week!

On the BEA front, I’d considered attending the Bloggers Conference on Wednesday, but got some advice that it would be a better use of time to go on a day when I can focus on the floor show and attend the group speed dating session. I’ve never been to BEA before…any advice for attending the floor show (aside from comfy shoes and water)? Other thoughts on the speed dating session?

I finally finished reading…

The Bone Tree, Greg Iles

The Bone Tree
 by Greg Iles (April 21, 2015)
Whew – I felt like I was reading this book forever (it’s over 800 pages)! It didn’t quite live up to Natchez Burning (which made my Best Books of 2014 List), but it was still a solid sequel. I’ll be posting a review later this week.

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I’m currently reading…

The Bullet, Mary Louise Kelly

The Bullet
 by Mary Louise Kelly (March 17, 2015)
Tara at Running N Reading
 raved about this thriller about an adult woman who is shocked to find she has a bullet stuck in her skull…even though she’s never been shot. I’ve only read about 10%, but so much has happened already that I’m curious if this story has anywhere left to go.

Next up is…

Lavina, Mary Marcus

 by Mary Marcus (April 28, 2015)
This novel about a woman returning home to Louisiana after living in NYC was on Ashley @ Chronicles’ Spring TBR List…and I love me some Southern fiction! Plus, I seem to be on a streak of good luck with novels set in or near Louisiana (My Sunshine AwayThe Unraveling of Mercy Louis, and The Bone Tree).

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  1. Cleo wrote:

    I’ll be interested to see your new format for your reviews. I only scan reviews if I have the book to read in the near future. Reviews are the biggest hook that makes me want to try a book, particularly if it is a new to me author and I depend on trusted bloggers to steer me in the right direction although I also enjoy reading the reviews after I’ve written mine to see if other reviewers opinion matches mine (or not)

    Posted 4.20.15 Reply
  2. The Bullet sounds interesting. Enjoy your reading week!

    Posted 4.20.15 Reply
  3. I’m glad to see The Bone Tree is worth reading. Now I need to get to Natchez Burning. . .

    Posted 4.20.15 Reply
  4. Catherine wrote:

    For BEA, bring a carry-on bag with wheels to the show and check it in the morning. You will be getting so many books that carrying them around is impossible. This way, you get a few, go to the check stand put them in your empty bag and wheel it off at the end of the day.

    This probably goes w/o saying but carry your phone charger with you at all times!

    Posted 4.20.15 Reply
  5. The Bullet is on my wishlist. Enjoy!

    Posted 4.20.15 Reply
  6. Looks like there are a few of us thinking about how we review or why we review or how to change it up 😀 Like I keep saying, I really want talk WITH people about books, not AT them. To each their own, of course. I still like reviews…from other people, lol.

    Happy reading!

    Posted 4.20.15 Reply
    • admin wrote:

      Yes – I loved your post wondering if you were still a book blogger! I still like recommending books to people, so I’ll continue writing reviews for now, I’m just trying to do it in a less “review-y” way. And – I do love talking about books as well and have thoroughly enjoyed the discussions on Socratic Salon.

      Posted 4.20.15 Reply
  7. The Bullet and Lavina look intriguing. I’ll look forward to your new format for your reviews!

    Posted 4.20.15 Reply
  8. Sarah, I’m glad you’re into The Bullet; keep going! I’ve finished Dear Carolina and am now onto The Wonder Garden (short story collection); the first story hooked me, so I’m all in on this one. Hope you’re having a great day!

    Posted 4.20.15 Reply
  9. I’m super excited to see what you end up doing with your reviews! I feel like a lot of book bloggers have review-reconsideration going on right now. I’m kind of thinking about what I could do, as well. Not thinking hard enough to come UP with anything. Just enough to worry haha. I hope The Bullet gets really good! It certainly sounds good.

    Posted 4.21.15 Reply

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