Book Review (Southern Literature Month): Return to Tradd Street by Karen White

January 26, 2014 Books to Read, Fiction, Something Light, Southern Fiction 3

Southern Literature MonthThis is my third post for fellow book blog, The Blog of Litwits’Southern Literature Month

Return to Tradd Street, Karen White, Southern fiction, Tradd Street series, paranormal, historic CharlestonFiction
Released January, 2014
336 Pages
Bottom Line: Read it…but start at the beginning of the series.
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Plot Summary for Return to Tradd Street:

In the fourth and final book of the Tradd Street series, ambitious Charleston realtor Melanie Middleton prepares for single motherhood and helps solve the mystery behind the remains of an infant that are found in the foundation of her historic Tradd Street home.

My Thoughts on Return to Tradd Street:

Return to Tradd Street is the fourth and final book in the Tradd Street series. For those not familiar with this series, read my review of the first book, The House on Tradd Street, for a general overview. And, as I’ve said before, definitely start at the beginning – these books all build off of each other.

I loved the first three books in this series and was looking forward to finding out how it all ends. I read the first two books years ago and then read the third (The Strangers on Montagu Street) and fourth back to back recently. I’ll talk about this more in a minute, but I think reading the final two books back to back absolutely affected my opinion of the story, and Melanie in particular.

Every book in the series includes a romantic and a mystery element, with the mystery involving the ghosts that inhabit historic Charleston homes. I loved Return to Tradd Street‘s mystery, but wasn’t as keen on this installment’s romantic element. This mystery was fairly complicated – I had to read over the “here it is on a silver platter” explanation TWICE before I fully understood it. But, this is a good thing, because Montagu Street‘s mystery was a bit simplistic and I easily figured it out on my own. Even after it was solved, this mystery left me with a real dilemma about the honorable course of action, which added depth to the book.

On to Melanie…WOW, did she ever drive me crazy in this book!! Her stubbornness and insistence on avoiding things (even really important things, like going to the doctor when you’re pregnant!) really made me dislike her in this book. She started to rub me the wrong way towards the end of Montagu Street and then it just snowballed in Return to Tradd Street…I think because I read the last two books back to back. Apparently, Melanie tries my patience so much that I need a break from her between books! My frustration with Melanie’s avoidance issues was also the reason I wasn’t as keen on this installment’s romantic element, but I don’t want to ruin the story by saying anymore than that.

Despite my annoyance with Melanie in this book, I liked the ending to the series and particularly loved this installment’s mystery. The whole series is a great choice if you’re looking for a light, quirky read!

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3 Responses to “Book Review (Southern Literature Month): Return to Tradd Street by Karen White”

  1. Rita Gottwald

    Thank you Sarah for recommending this series. I love everything about the low country of South Carolina and Georgia. In fact, I have read several of Karen White’s books previously and, like you, find her enjoyable to read, particularly if you need a break from some heavier material. As with you, I liked the series, but found the character Melanie annoying at times, actually deep frustration comes to mind. I found the series entertaining though, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to those who enjoy a ghost or two intertwined with some good low country ambiance thrown in.

  2. Jo

    i am confused as to the baby in the foundation and the deformed baby….and one healthy baby and illegitimate baby. whee is the silver platter explanation, please.

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