Book Review: The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht

The Tiger's WifeFiction (Released March, 2011)
Bottom Line: Skip it.
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Plot Summary:

Natalia explores the myths/stories of the tiger’s wife (a deaf-mute girl in her grandfather’s childhood village who is befriended by a tiger that escaped from the zoo) and the “deathless man” to find answers to her grandfather’s death.

My Thoughts:
I kept seeing this book on the New York Times bestseller list and various “editor’s picks” lists (it was also a finalist for the National Book Award); however, I found it painful and hard to follow.

The central story about the tiger’s wife actually doesn’t make up that much of the book. There were too many tangential stories that were boring, pointless, and distracting.

I also felt Natalia’s character (the narrator) development was lacking – Obreht didn’t make me care about her at all.

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