First Chapter, First Paragraph Tuesday Intros: The Divorce Papers by Susan Rieger

First Chapter First Paragraph

Every Tuesday fellow blogger Bibliophile By the Sea hosts First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros, where bloggers share the first paragraph of the book they are currently reading or thinking about reading soon.

Divorce Papers, Susan Rieger, fiction

The Divorce Papers Plot Summary from Amazon:
Twenty-nine-year-old Sophie Diehl is happy toiling away as a criminal law associate at an old line New England firm where she very much appreciates that most of her clients are behind bars. Everyone at Traynor, Hand knows she abhors face-to-face contact, but one weekend, with all the big partners away, Sophie must handle the intake interview for the daughter of the firm’s most important client. After eighteen years of marriage, Mayflower descendant Mia Meiklejohn Durkheim has just been served divorce papers in a humiliating scene at the popular local restaurant, Golightly’s. She is locked and loaded to fight her eminent and ambitious husband, Dr. Daniel Durkheim, Chief of the Department of Pediatric Oncology, for custody of their ten-year-old daughter Jane—and she also burns to take him down a peg. Sophie warns Mia that she’s never handled a divorce case before, but Mia can’t be put off. As she so disarmingly puts it: It’s her first divorce, too.

Here’s the first “paragraph”:

February 1, 1999

Dr. Stephanie Roth

211 Central Park West
New York, NY 10024

Dear Stephanie,

I need your help. Life is falling apart here. I’m sure you’ve heard our news. Daniel has asked for a divorce. It’s so wrong, for him, for me, for Tom, most of all for Jane. Our marriage has its problems, God knows, but there’s life in it yet, and I cannot bear the thought of putting our daughter through a divorce. You’ve been a close friend of Daniel’s since medical school; he listens to you and trusts your judgment. Would you ask him to slow down, talk things through, maybe give marital counseling a shot? We’ve been together 18 years; he shouldn’t throw it all away.

I’d be grateful for anything you could do. Thanks.



What do you think? Would you keep reading? Stay tuned for my full review…

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  1. A friend just gave me her copy of this one and I’m hoping to start it soon. Hope you enjoy it.

    My Tuesday Intro:

    Posted 4.29.14 Reply
  2. Tea wrote:

    I would definitely keep reading. I can hear her pain in the words on the page. Makes me angry that he sent papers to a public place, a restaurant no less. No heart….

    Posted 4.29.14 Reply
    • admin wrote:

      Or the tactics of heartless lawyers??

      Posted 4.29.14 Reply
  3. I would keep reading. I feel for Mia. She clearly didn’t see the divorce coming–although I wonder if part of that was here just not wanting to see it, if you know what I mean.

    Posted 4.29.14 Reply
    • admin wrote:

      Totally know what you mean – I feel like it’s very easy to see what you want to see!

      Posted 4.29.14 Reply
  4. Nise' wrote:

    Enjoyed this book, hope you do as well.

    Posted 4.29.14 Reply
  5. I’ve been seeing this one around a lot lately and, based on the opening, would be incline to continue. Will look forward to your review!

    Posted 4.29.14 Reply
  6. I have had my eye on this one…Yes, I want to keep reading! Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Posted 4.29.14 Reply
  7. I have this book too, but I’m not too far into it yet. The first paragraphs intrigued me and I want to keep going.

    Posted 4.29.14 Reply
  8. I would certainly read on.

    Posted 4.29.14 Reply
  9. JaneGS wrote:

    The letter sounds more like a clever way to bring the reader up to speed on the situation, the character, and the issues but it doesn’t sound like a real letter to me. I’m not sure I would continue reading unless the book came highly recommended!

    Posted 4.29.14 Reply
  10. Diane@BibliophilebytheSea wrote:

    Poor Mia, I’d keep reading —thanks for joining us this week.

    Posted 4.29.14 Reply
  11. I’d definitely keep reading this one. I need to find out more about Stephanie! Adding this to my TBR now!
    Thanks for stopping by!

    Posted 4.29.14 Reply
  12. kelley wrote:

    Well, I’m curious. enjoy your book. and thanks for stopping by today. kelley—the road goes ever ever on

    Posted 4.29.14 Reply

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