Palace Council by Stephen L. Carter: Mini Book Review

Palace Council, Stephen L. Carter, mystery, political thriller, Harlem societyFiction – Mystery/Thriller
Released July, 2008
594 Pages
Bottom Line: Read it.
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Plot Summary of Palace Council: 

Palace Council is a political thriller about a powerful group plotting to use the US President as a puppet.

My Thoughts on Palace Council: 

Carter is known for writing complex thrillers against the backdrop of Harlem elite society and Palace Council is my favorite of his books so far. Carter sets the political machinations of the powerful against a glittery social scene that adds some fun to the book’s suspicious nature.

Carter weaves real people (Nixon, Langston Hughes) into his fiction – causing me to wonder if something like this could actually happen.

Palace Council is on my Book Club Recommendations and Page Turners lists.

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  1. Colleen wrote:

    I really liked New England White by Stephen Carter when I read it. This one looks like it could satisfy my post House of Cards need for political intrigue and drama!

    Posted 2.20.14 Reply
    • admin wrote:

      I loved that one too! It’s on my Page Turners List. I’ve been hearing lots about House of Cards…I may need to check it out. It sounds up my alley.

      Posted 2.21.14 Reply

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