Podcast Episode 115: Bonnie Garmus (Author of Lessons in Chemistry)

Bonnie Garmus Lessons in Chemistry

In Episode 115, Bonnie Garmus, author of Lessons in Chemistry, discusses the inspiration behind her best-selling debut novel, sexism in the workplace, and the story behind Six-Thirty the dog. Plus, Bonnie’s book recommendations! 

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  • Bonnie talks about her inspiration for Lessons in Chemistry and the main character, Elizabeth Zott, who began her book life in a previously unpublished book.
  • Why Bonnie chose the professions featured in the book: scientist and television host on a cooking show.
  • How Elizabeth’s rowing brings balance to the story.
  • How her copywriting career played a role in the novel.
  • The significance of the numerical names for the two dogs’ in Bonnie’s life: 99 (in her real life) and Six-Thirty (in the book).
  • The real-life dog who inspired the fictional dog, Six-Thirty.
  • The big message Bonnie would like both men and women to take away from the book.
  • How Sarah and Bonnie feel about posthumously published work.
  • Bonnie shares a little bit about her next book and how it compares to Lessons in Chemistry.

Bonnie’s Book Recommendations [25:20]

Two OLD Books She Loves

Two NEW Books She Loves

One Book She DIDN’T LOVE

One NEW RELEASE She’s Excited About

Last 5-Star Book Bonnie Read

Other Books Mentioned

Other Links

About Bonnie Garmus

Website | Twitter | Instagram

Bonnie Garmus is a copywriter and creative director who has worked widely in the fields of technology, medicine, and education. She’s an open-water swimmer, a rower, and mother to two pretty amazing daughters. Born in California and most recently from Seattle, she currently lives in London with her husband and her dog, 99. Lessons in Chemistry is her first novel.

Next Episode

In two weeks (June 29), Susie Boutry from Novel Visits will be join me for a special episode discussing the micro genres we love.

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Bonnie Garmus Lessons in Chemistry

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  1. Kenneth wrote:

    Hi Sarah, I love everything about Sarah’s Bookshelves!
    Just listened to the excellent interview with Bonnie Garmus.
    Outside of Elizabeth Zott who is your favorite book character?

    Thank you,
    Ken Monash

    Posted 6.20.22 Reply

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