The 2021 Rock Your Reading Tracking Spreadsheet

reading tracking spreadsheet


Since I started using the Reading Tracking Spreadsheet, my reading QUALITY has improved 43%!

I built the Rock Your Reading Tracking Spreadsheet to help:

  • Track your best and worst recommendation sources.
  • Enable you to monitor my reading stats in real time…because it automatically compiles my stats throughout the year.

The Rock Your Reading Tracking Spreadsheet is ideal for #bookstagrammers and bookworms that read a high volume of books each year.

This year, I also have a bonus podcast episode to accompany the 2021 Reading Tracker for Sarah’s Bookshelves patrons (click here to support the podcast on Patreon and get access to the Reading Tracker bonus episode)! In this episode, I cover how to get the most out of your reading tracker…including my favorite parts, parts I don’t use, etc), how I track my recommendation sources, how I manage my TBR list, and answers to questions from you!

How the Rock Your Reading Tracking Spreadsheet will help you

For $14.99, you’ll be able to:

  • Track key elements bookworms like to keep tabs on (including your reading goals, books and pages read and listened to, diversity, ratings, genre, format, and my personal favorite, reading success rate). They’re built right into the spreadsheet…with Summary Charts that automatically populate as you enter the books you’ve read!

reading tracking spreadsheet


reading tracking spreadsheet

reading tracking spreadsheet

reading tracking spreadsheet

reading tracking spreadsheet


reading tracking spreadsheet


  • Keep your To Be Read (TBR) list and reading tracker in one place.
  • Compare your current stats to last year’s stats.
  • Track the recommendation sources for books you do not finish (DNF’s)…because knowing who gives you bad recommendations is just as important as knowing who gives you great ones!
  • Track people who DISLIKE the same books as you do (new this year!).
  • Customize the spreadsheet for your needs. Delete items you don’t care about tracking. Add columns for anything you’d like to track that I haven’t included. Email me at if you’d like me to customize dropdown menus, summary charts, etc for your specific needs.

And, possibly the best part…no more tallying up your numbers and manually creating Excel pie charts at the end of the year! It’s all done for you on the Summary Charts tab!

Key Improvements to this year’s tracking spreadsheet

  • Expanded Diversity Stats (expanded race / ethnicity categories, race / ethnicity pie chart, #ownvoices stat, geographic diversity pie chart)
  • Refined Recommendation Sources Stats – now includes Mutual Dislikes, Traditional Media / Bookstagram + Bloggers + Podcasts / Personal Friends Categories
  • Comparison of Books Read Per Month and Ratings to last year
  • Expanded genre categories and publisher list
  • Audiobook length bar chart
  • Read / Listen Combo option for book format
  • Celebrity Book Club and Awards category
  • Clearer organization of summary charts page
  • Stats automatically tracked
    • Books needed to reach your reading goal (and average books per week to achieve reading goal)
    • % successful books attempted and read (i.e. the reading quality stat)
    • Books and pages read, and audiobook minutes listened to
    • Audiobook narrators and publishers
    • Average star rating
    • Charts: Genre (Fiction / Nonfiction and Detailed Genre, Format, Books per Month, Book Source, Book Length, Audiobook Length)
    • Diversity (expanded in 2021): Author Gender, BIPOC Author %, Author Race Breakout, Diverse Books %, Geographic Diversity
    • DNFs: number, % of overall reading, genre, backlist, book source, DNF’s by month
    • Backlist, Debuts, Re-Reads, Series, Backlist, New-to-Me Authors: number and % of overall reading


I’m available at to answer any questions before and/or after your purchase and provide support using the tracker. I’m also happy to help you customize the tracker to meet your needs.

Supported Programs:

  • The Tracker is an Excel spreadsheet.
  • The Tracker WILL NOT work on an iPad or tablet.
  • The Tracker IS COMPATIBLE with Numbers. To open the Tracker in Numbers, right click on the tracker file > Choose “Open with…” > Choose Numbers. You’ll get a warning about anything in the Excel file that’s not compatible with Numbers (ex: unconditional formatting not supported, but I’ve tested the affected formulas and they still work.)
  • The Tracker IS COMPATIBLE with Google Sheets. Just upload it to your Google Drive and choose “Open with Google Sheets” when you open the document from your Drive.

Two Special Discounts

  • Returning Customers – If you bought last year’s tracker, I’m offering a 20% discount on your purchase of the new and improved 2021 version. Check your email for the discount code! 
  • Patrons – I’m offering a 25% discount to everyone to all my wonderful patrons who support the podcast on Patreon. Check your email for the discount code or click sign up to be a patron here!)

Note: If you are a returning customer AND a patron, you may use both discount codes (they will arrive in separate emails).

reading tracking spreadsheet



Kristen B.:

I had a personalization request and I was amazed at the speed with which you answered that request and with how soon I had the new tracker in my inbox. That isn’t always the case and definitely was not what I expected, so I wanted to give major kudos!

I have tried reading journals (both pre-made and bullet journal) in the past, and I always seem to lose interest or get behind and have tons of books to log. With the tracker, that hasn’t happened because I’m DYING to see how my latest book will effect the charts and graphs. The tracker has been especially helpful as I try to branch out with different genres, and in helping diversify my books. A quick glance at the data tells me how I’m doing on this, and how to adjust.


I like being able to see how my reading this year versus last year compare in terms of male vs female, debuts reds, and especially with the number of POC authors I’ve read. I’ve been making a concerted effort to read more books by POC authors and this helps me keep track.

Heidi G.:

I love that everything is all together and so easy to use! Having all of my reading information so visual has improved my reading more than I can explain. […] I have been tracking things that I didn’t know I even cared about – like publishers – but I’m really getting interested in that part of my reading life.

Heather B.:

I wanted to have a more genre-diverse reading life instead of just reading all historical fiction and literary fiction. I loved seeing my pie graph get colorful! I also realized I wasn’t checking for e-book deals before buying the hardcover. So it has saved me money and broadened my reading horizons!

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reading tracking spreadsheet


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  1. So-Young wrote:

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Posted 11.15.20 Reply
  2. Lana Maskus wrote:

    I am attempting to order the 2021 Rock Your Reading Tracker, but am receiving a message that my credit card is not accepted and to use another. I am having no problems with my credit card on other sites. I do not have another credit card to use and do not wish to use Pay Pal. Please advise. Thank you.

    Posted 11.18.20 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      You can Venmo me and I can email you the tracker directly! Email me at and I’ll send you my Venmo username if you’d like to go that route.

      Posted 11.18.20 Reply
      • Lana Maskus wrote:

        I was able to order after all. I must have been doing something wrong! Thanks for your quick response.

        Posted 11.18.20 Reply
  3. Shanifa Marohombsar wrote:

    Hi! Just bought this! And was wondering, does the geographic diversity section refer to where the book was published, where the author is from, or where the book is set?

    Posted 1.10.21 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      Great question – I think you can interpret this in the way that works best for you. I do where the book is set.

      Posted 1.12.21 Reply

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