New Year, New Book Podcast…Meet Sarah’s Book Shelves Live!

Sarah's Book Shelves Live


I’m so excited to finally be able to tell you about the new podcast from Sarah’s Book Shelves…called Sarah’s Book Shelves Live!

I’ve been kicking around the idea of a podcast for a couple years now and the timing finally made sense. I was a guest on a couple podcasts earlier this Fall and had so much fun actually talking about books that it turned out to be just the kick in the pants I needed!

I love listening to book podcasts and I listen to a number of them that I think are incredibly well-done, but I was itching for more podcasts that fit my particular reading taste. I also wanted a place to be a little more free-flowing than on the blog and show a little more personality…and the podcast is a great format for that.

And, most importantly, I wanted to share great book recommendations from other bookish people I trust.

To give you a little taste of what’s in store, a 5 minute trailer is now available wherever you listen to podcasts. If you like the trailer, I’d love it if you could subscribe, rate, and review the podcast wherever you’re listening! Subscribers, ratings, and reviews really help other listeners find the podcast.

What to Expect


Each week, a bookish guest (don’t worry…I’m not going to just talk into the microphone alone for 40 minutes!) will share his/her book recommendations and join me for some real talk about books in this format:

  • 2 Old Books He/She Loves
  • 2 New Books He/She Loves
  • 1 Book He/She Doesn’t Love
  • 1 Upcoming Release He/She’s Excited About

We’ll finish each episode with a lightening round-type game called “Rate It.”

Occasionally, I’ll bring you special episodes like New Release Previews, Summer Reading Rundowns, Best Books of the Year discussions, and more!

New episodes will air every Wednesday, beginning January 2.


I’ve got some great guests coming up…

Episode 1 (Jan. 2):
Georgia Hunter, author of New York Times Bestseller We Were the Lucky Ones 

Episode 2 (Jan. 9):
Special Episode: Winter 2019 New Release Preview with Catherine of Gilmore Guide to Books

Episode 3 (Jan. 16):
Susie from Novel Visits (Fiction Audiobook Recommendations)

More upcoming guests:
Tina from TBR, etc., Tara from Running N Reading, Gayle and Nicole from The Readerly Report Podcast, and Renee from It’s Book Talk.

How to Listen to a Podcast

Earlier this year, I surveyed those of you who subscribe to my email list to gather research for the podcast and many of you said you didn’t know how to listen to podcasts. Don’t worry, my husband didn’t either! So, check out the instructions below in case you want to listen, but don’t know how…

Ways to Listen

  • Most people listen to podcasts on their smartphones via a Podcast app (see below for options).
  • If you subscribe to Spotify for your music, you can also listen to podcasts there.
  • But, if you’re like my Mom and still have a flip phone (yep, true), look out for a blog post every Wednesday sharing the most recent podcast episode and show notes. There will be a player at the top of the post (just like today’s post) and you can hit the “play” button to listen on your computer!

Podcast Listening Apps

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Stitcher
  • Google Podcasts / Google Home
  • Google Play Music 
  • TuneIn
  • Overcast

How to Install and Listen on Apple Podcasts App

  • Go to the “App Store” on your smartphone.

book podcast


  • Click “Search” button in the bottom righthand corner.
  • Type “Apple Podcast app” into the search bar.
  • Click “Get” next to Apple Podcasts app.

book podcast


  • Once the app has downloaded, open it and click the “Search” button.

book podcast


  • Type “Sarah’s Book Shelves” into the search bar.
  • Click on Sarah’s Book Shelves Live.

book podcast


  • Click the purple “Subscribe” button. 
  • Scroll down and hit the “+” sign next to “Trailer”. It will turn into a cloud with an arrow pointing down…click that to download the podcast.

book podcast


  • Click “Listen Now” button in the bottom lefthand corner and my podcast should be in your feed. Click on it to listen. 
  • Once you’ve subscribed, news episode will automatically show up in your feed (under “Listen Now”) as soon as they’re released.

How to Subscribe on your Computer

  • Click the “iTunes” button on the media player at the top of this post…and view the podcast in iTunes.

book podcast


  • Click “View in iTunes”.

book podcast


  • Click “Subscribe”.

How to Support the Podcast

  • Share
    If you like the podcast, I’d love for you to share it with your reader friends…in real life and on social media (there’s easy share buttons at the bottom of this post!).
  • Subscribe
    …wherever you listen to podcasts, so new episodes will appear in your feed as soon as they’re released.
  • Rate and Review
    Search for “Sarah’s Book Shelves” in Apple Podcasts, on the screen that looks like this:


book podcast


Scroll down until you see something that looks like this:


book podcast


Rate by clicking the stars and review by clicking “Write a Review”. Apple needs to approve all reviews before they go live, so you may not see your review pop up for a day or so.

  • Feedback
    I want this podcast to fit what you’re looking for, so I truly do want your feedback! Please tell me (email me at or DM me on social media) what you like, don’t like, want more of, want less of, etc. I’d also love to hear topics you’d like me to cover and guests you’d like to hear from.

Listener Reviews


The 5 minute trailer left me wanting more, more, MORE! I cannot wait to listen to this weekly. Not only does Sarah know books, but she’s sharp and witty and will keep you laughing.


I am a huge fan of the blog and was so excited to find out that it is becoming a podcast! I love how honest and insightful Sarah is in her reviews and the trailer already has me hooked. I can tell the podcast is going to be a favorite in the new year!


I have been following her blog for several years and get some of my VERY BEST reading recommendations from her; I am so excited about this new venture and I can assure you that it will be worth every minute. Sarah is authentic and will give her honest opinion on all the books she shares.

Can’t wait to talk to you in January!

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  1. So excited for you, Sarah! I can already vouch for the fact that it’s going to be great and loads of fun.

    Posted 12.19.18 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      Thank you! And it already has been!

      Posted 12.19.18 Reply
  2. So exciting!Congratulations!!

    Posted 12.19.18 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      Thank you!

      Posted 12.19.18 Reply
  3. Tara wrote:

    EEEEK!!! I am so excited about this, Sarah!!!

    Posted 12.19.18 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      Thanks, lady!

      Posted 12.19.18 Reply
  4. I loved hearing your voice – you’re a natural! Congratulations!

    Posted 12.19.18 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      Awh – thank you! It’s definitely been interesting having to listen to myself – not easy! Haha!

      Posted 12.19.18 Reply
  5. Congrats on the podcast!!!

    Posted 12.19.18 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      Thank you!

      Posted 12.19.18 Reply
  6. Sounds amazing, Sarah! It will be so much fun to hear all of my favorite bloggers on your podcast. Looking forward to more in the new year!

    Posted 12.19.18 Reply
  7. RK wrote:

    How exciting! Congratulations and can’t wait to tune in!

    Posted 12.19.18 Reply
  8. Listened to the trailer yesterday and really liked the “small taste” of what is to come so will be looking forward to January for a full podcast.

    Posted 12.20.18 Reply
  9. Anne Simonot wrote:

    I’m new to podcasts this year and I love them! Really looking forward to yours!

    Posted 12.20.18 Reply
  10. Andrea wrote:

    So exciting! Will be sure to subscribe and leave a review!

    Posted 12.23.18 Reply
  11. Anita wrote:

    I’m very excited about this new adventure!!

    Posted 12.26.18 Reply
  12. Super excited to join in & listen each week – especially as I want to listen to more podcasts in 2019. All the best; I know it’ll be a success!

    Posted 1.1.19 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      Awesome – thank you so much!

      Posted 1.7.19 Reply
  13. Hi there friends, its impressive post about cultureand entirely
    explained, keep it up all the time.

    Posted 3.17.19 Reply

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