It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? (2/29/16)

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At the beginning of last week, Tender by Belinda McKeon broke my epic February reading slump! I didn’t include it here since I already reviewed it. But, I’m now worried I’m falling into another slump…or that Tender was a much needed, but only temporary reprieve from slumpiness.

On a different topic, I’ve been seeing Litsy mentioned on Twitter. I tried to install it on my iphone, but don’t have enough storage space (despite deleting everything down to the bare bones) to upgrade my IOS software to the version needed to install Litsy. Has anyone else played with Litsy yet? Is it worth trying to get it installed or is Goodreads sufficient? I have to say, the thought of yet another social network to keep up with doesn’t sit well with me.

I finished reading…

The Blue Hour, Douglas Kennedy

The Blue Hour
 by Douglas Kennedy (February 16, 2016)
This novel set in Morocco had a great start, but quickly went downhill for me. I skimmed the last 40%. I’m not sure if I’ll review it because I’d have to reveal spoilers to really articulate my issues with it. But, Tanya at 52 Books or Bust wrote an interesting review about the difference between the book’s U.S. and U.K. titles and covers…which hints at my issues in a fairly general way.

I’m currently reading…

The Legends Club, John Feinstein

The Legends Club
 by John Feinstein (March 1, 2016)

I needed a change of pace, so I picked up my favorite sports writer’s newest book on the legendary rivalry of NCAA basketball coaches Dean Smith (UNC), Mike Krzyzewski (Duke), and Jim Valvano (N.C. State). I’m only 15% in, but I’m a little underwhelmed so far.

Upcoming reading plans…

Year of the Runaways_mini

The Year of the Runaways
 by Sunjeev Sahota (March 1, 2016)
This novel about four young adults from India living in Sheffield, England to escape their past lives at home was shortlisted for the 2015 Man Booker Prize and is now being released in the U.S.

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  1. I’m curious about Litsy as well. For now I’ll have to give it a pass because Android, but i have to wonder if i need another app.
    The Blue Hour was just weird. Two books put together into one. Ugh.

    Posted 2.29.16 Reply
  2. I’m super curious about Litsy, but ah Android. I’m so desperate to replace Goodreads…I’ll delete it in a hot second if I can find an app or website that replaces the social reading spot it fills for me.

    Posted 2.29.16 Reply
  3. I joined Litsy over the weekend. To social-network-challenged me, it seems like maybe Instagram for books? I don’t see myself using it all that much, but for now, it’s fun to play around with it a little bit. I’ll see how it goes.

    Posted 2.29.16 Reply
  4. Gabby wrote:

    I’m on Litsy right now, but I don’t know how long I’ll stay…it’s basically a dedicated bookstagram, and I don’t feel like it adds anything to my reading life.

    Posted 2.29.16 Reply
  5. Judy wrote:

    Well, it’s Leap Day. A new month tomorrow and I am thinking maybe I will go off all social media, blogging, the whole nine yards, and just read for a month. I always get ideas like that but I don’t do it. Today I am reading Brooklyn and so far it is not as good as the movie. There, I said it.

    Posted 2.29.16 Reply
  6. Sharlene wrote:

    I joined Litsy over the weekend and it’s like Instagram for books I guess? I’m not sure how long I’ll stick with it as I like the variety on Instagram better (ie not just books).

    Posted 2.29.16 Reply
  7. Carmen wrote:

    I’ve been reading super slow this year because I’ve juggling movies releases and TV series. Two of the books I’ve read were from last year or re-released last year and those have been the ones I’ve liked. The two I read from this year just didn’t click.

    Posted 2.29.16 Reply
  8. I read a couple of Douglas Kennedy’s early novels and enjoyed them, but all of the later ones have fallen flat for me. I saw that he had a new one out, but don’t think I’m going to give it a go. I’m not big on non-fiction, but I do live in NC, so of course The Legends Club sparks my interest, but not sure about a whole book of it. I’ve just recently joined instagram (haha), so that is enough for me right now 🙂

    Posted 2.29.16 Reply
    • admin wrote:

      Haha – yes, hard to avoid that Legends Club triumvirate when you live in NC!

      Posted 3.1.16 Reply
  9. I’m looking forward to checking out Litsy once it’s available for Android. Hopefully by then the kinks I’ve been hearing about will be updated, too. 🙂

    Posted 2.29.16 Reply
    • admin wrote:

      What are the kinks? I’m curious! I think I’m passing on it for now since I don’t read hard copy books and so therefore don’t even use my Instagram much.

      Posted 3.1.16 Reply
      • I’ve been hearing about UI kinks like, difficulty finding friends and such. It not being very intuitive yet? Not sure though, since I can’t see for myself yet.

        Posted 3.5.16 Reply
  10. I’ve been curious about The Blue Hour, but I’m not sure it will be one that I read. The Year of the Runaways has me really curious, I’ve been going back and forth on it. I’ll watch for your thoughts before I commit.

    Posted 2.29.16 Reply
    • admin wrote:

      I’ve had such trouble with Runaways. Kept having to force myself to read it and made it to 12% before switching to something else. May go back to it if others I trust say great things but probably won’t as of now.

      Posted 3.1.16 Reply
  11. Kathryn wrote:

    Ha first time I have heard of Litsy, but will give it a miss for now as I can hardly keep up with social networks and read as well. Hope that slump goes for good soon, I am a little way that way at the moment, still enjoying my book but just not getting to it as much as I want.

    Posted 3.1.16 Reply
  12. Naomi wrote:

    The Year of the Runaways sounds like a good possibility to follow your Tender hangover. I hope it works!

    Posted 3.1.16 Reply
    • admin wrote:

      Ugh – unfortunately I kept having to force myself to pick up Runaways and only made it to 12%. May go back to it, but have put it aside for now.

      Posted 3.1.16 Reply
      • Naomi wrote:

        Oh, too bad. 🙁

        Posted 3.1.16 Reply
  13. Athira wrote:

    Litsy has been hit or miss for me. I like it better than Goodreads for the Feeds feature. Goodreads feeds is just a pain. Litsy is nicer in that respect. I can’t imagine using it as a Goodreads replacement though. I like keeping my books catalogued on GR. I only occasionally use Litsy and I do like being on it. But right now it’s quieter – not so many users but I think I will feel overwhelmed once it gets busy. Also, the app feels like it is missing features so it’s not perfect.

    Posted 3.2.16 Reply
  14. I installed Litsy on my phone… but that’s about it so far. I’ve heard good things, but need to do some further investigating… will report back!

    Posted 3.2.16 Reply

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