What I’m Reading Now (1/27/20)

what I'm reading now

I got a bit of normalcy back last week…in life and reading. I was approved to work out lightly, which really helped calm my brain even though I still can’t do the workouts I normally do! And, I think this carried over to my reading. Unlike the week before, my mind was calm enough to actually be able to absorb what I was reading.


And, I got to do something really fun in my daughter’s 1st grade classroom! They did a section on book reviews, so I got to visit the class and talk about reviewing books and the importance of loving what you’re reading. I brought my podcast microphone and the students read their reviews of The Mouse and the Motorcycle on a “class podcast.” 



Episode 43, featuring Jordan Moblo (@jordys.book.club) talking about growing a #bookstagram account aired last week.

And, a mini episode featuring Jayda Justus (@thehistorymom) talking about historical fiction and history nonfiction will air this Wednesday.

AND, I released the first episode of a NEW MONTHLY BONUS PODCAST SERIES for Patrons! Every month, I will share my own picks in the book recommendations portion of the regular show. So, I’ll share:

  • 2 Old Books I Love
  • 2 New Books I Love
  • 1 Book I Didn’t Love 
  • 1 Upcoming Release I’m Excited About

These are solo episodes (i.e. no co-host). If you’d like to get access to these bonus episodes (plus other bonus content), you can support the podcast for $5/month on Patreon.

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I finished reading…

The Holdout


The Holdout by Graham Moore (February 18, 2020)
Such a fascinating look at the dynamics of a jury in a high profile trial…plus, a great mystery! I talked more about this book on my January Book Recommendations bonus podcast episode! If you’d like access to that episode and more goodies, you can support the podcast for $5/month on Patreon.

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I’m currently reading…

Anna K


Anna K by Jenny Lee (March 3, 2020)
I don’t normally read a ton of YA, but after loving American Royals last year, I’m more willing to try it. Grace Atwood of the Bad on Paper Podcast loved this one that’s being pitched as “Crazy Rich Asians meets Gossip Girl” (it’s also, not surprisingly, a re-imagining of Anna Karenina. I’m so in for that! I’m about 17% in and it’s fun…though some of the slang is really YA.

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I tried, but wasn’t feeling…

A Good Neighborhood


A Good Neighborhood by Therese Anne Fowler (March 10, 2020)
DNF at 19%
This one was heavy-handed with its “After School Special” style teachable moments…they felt clunky and didn’t feel organic to the story. I found myself rolling my eyes one too many times. This is one of my pet peeves about what I call “issue” books…I like the “issues” to be addressed in a way that feels natural and organic to the story. 
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Upcoming reading plans…

Unless a library hold comes in…

My Dark Vanessa


My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell (March 10, 2020)
This story about a woman who had a relationship with her teacher when she was in high school is one of the most hyped books of 2020.

Affiliate Link: Buy from Amazon

How was your reading week?

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what I'm reading now


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  1. What! I loved A Good Neighborhood. I guess I can see that the issues were right out there, but that didn’t bother me. I feel like I need to give The Holdout a try. Courtroom stories aren’t usually my thing, but in the last few years there’ve been a few I really liked.

    I’m halfway through My Dark Vanessa and am really liking it, but I have a warning for you. It’s a little slow the first 25 or 30%, but then it really picks up, so give it time.

    Glad your back is feeling better and the 1st grade podcast sounds really fun!

    Posted 1.27.20 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      Good to know about Vanessa…I’ll keep that in mind going in!

      Posted 1.29.20 Reply
  2. Kathy Martin wrote:

    Your class visit sounds like a lot of fun. I have been missing reading YA a bit but have so many other books on my stack that I just can’t fit any in. Come see me week here. Happy reading!

    Posted 1.27.20 Reply
  3. Aww, the class podcast sounds adorable. Have a great week!

    Posted 1.27.20 Reply
  4. I am so with you on A Good Neighborhood. I was waiting for it and so excited. I persevered and finished but couldn’t wait for it to be over, really disappointing.

    Posted 1.27.20 Reply
  5. The Holdout looks good. Sorry you didn’t like A Good Neighborhood. Feel better!

    Posted 1.28.20 Reply
  6. My daughter just had to create a podcast about Shakespeare for a school assignment, she’s in 12th grade though.

    Wishing you a great reading week

    Posted 1.28.20 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      Very cool assignment!

      Posted 1.29.20 Reply
  7. Donna wrote:

    I’ve seen A Good Neighborhood on a few blogs. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. See what I read Girl Who Reads

    Posted 2.2.20 Reply
  8. Sarah wrote:

    Anna K sounds amazing!

    Posted 2.7.20 Reply
  9. Sarah wrote:

    Anna K sounds amazing! I’m definitely going to check that one out!

    Posted 2.7.20 Reply

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