What I’m Reading Now (2/3/20)

what I'm reading now


Y’all, a week with no DNF’s! I think that’s the first time this has happened in 2020! Needless to say, my Successful Books stat is not looking so hot right now (38% Successful Books Attempted & 71% Successful Books Finished). P.S. – I use my Rock Your Reading Tracking Spreadsheet to keep track of this throughout the year!



Mini Episode 44, featuring Jayda Justus (@thehistorymom) talking about historical fiction and history nonfiction aired last week.

And, a full length episode featuring Liz Moore (author of Long Bright River) will air this Wednesday.

AND, I released the first episode of a NEW MONTHLY BONUS PODCAST SERIES for Patrons! Every month, I will share my own picks in the book recommendations portion of the regular show. So, I’ll share:

  • 2 Old Books I Love
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  • 1 Upcoming Release I’m Excited About

These are solo episodes (i.e. no co-host). If you’d like to get access to these bonus episodes (plus other bonus content), you can support the podcast for $5/month on Patreon.

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I finished reading…

Anna K


Anna K by Jenny Lee (March 3, 2020)
Super fun, easy read in the vein of American Royals and a February Book of the Month pick…but, the ending did irritate me a bit. Still great brain candy and slump buster type book! Mini review to come.

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I’m currently reading…

My Dark Vanessa


My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell (March 10, 2020)
This novel is super messed up, but it’s also doing an outstanding job of illustrating how a teenager could think an inappropriate relationship is consensual while equally conveying how the teenager is being manipulated by the adult. I’m about halfway through and I’m riveted so far.

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Upcoming reading plans…

Lager Queen of Minnesota


The Lager Queen of Minnesota by J. Ryan Stradal (July 23, 2019)
I passed on this novel when it came out because 1) I didn’t love Kitchens of the Great Midwest and 2) I could care less about craft beer. But, everyone’s been raving about it, so I thought I’d give it a try. My library hold just came in.

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How was your reading week?

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what I'm reading now


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  1. Wendy wrote:

    Loved, loved the Lager Queen. But I live in the Midwest, so both books were appealing to me! Love the quirky characters.

    Anxious to hear what you think.

    Posted 2.3.20 Reply
  2. I have a copy of The Lager Queen sitting on my shelf, but have just never picked it up for reasons similar to you. Just not into beer and the premise never seemed that interesting, but you’re right that so many people have loved it. If you do, too, I guess I’ll need to read it.

    I really liked My Dark Vanessa. There’s a lot that’s creepy about it, including Vanessa as she gets older.

    Posted 2.3.20 Reply
  3. I don’t think you have to care about craft beer to enjoy Lager Queen but it helps for sure. I’m looking forward to Anna K.

    Posted 2.3.20 Reply
  4. Tina wrote:

    I keep seeing positive reviews of My Dark Vanessa- I’m getting more and more excited for it!

    Posted 2.3.20 Reply
  5. Happy Week of No DNFs! I cannot say the same for myself — I DNFed two books, but I do feel great about it. It’s nice to give myself permission to focus on books that I’m genuinely excited about.

    Posted 2.3.20 Reply
  6. I’m glad you had a week of good reading 🙂

    Posted 2.4.20 Reply

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