What I’m Reading Now (9/14/20)

what I'm reading now


It’s been awhile since I did one of these posts…so long that I’m not even going to go back and catch you up on everything prior to this past week. But, you’ll be seeing mini reviews of most of the books I read and listened to over the past few weeks in tomorrow’s round-up of August & September Books to Read (and Skip).


Last week was tough at our house…first week of virtual learning for my kids (went better than expected, but even on its best day, virtual learning is pretty tough for elementary school age kids), some other stuff hit the fan at home, and I got very little reading done. But, I’ve got to get the game face on this week because I have 2 podcast recordings (Kelly Jensen talking about libraries and COVID and Eilene Zimmerman, the author of Smacked).



There was no new podcast last week.

But, a full length episode featuring Kate Stayman-London (author of One to Watch) is airing on Wednesday! 

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I finished reading…

Not one thing!

I’m currently reading…

Don't Look for Me


Don’t Look for Me by Wendy Walker (September 15, 2020)
Wendy Walker is hit and miss for me, but her latest is the only thing I’ve been able to concentrate on lately. I’m about 60% through and the plot headed somewhere I never expected. Maybe a little implausible, but we’ll see how things wrap.
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I tried, but wasn’t feeling…

When These Mountains Burn


When These Mountains Burn by David Joy (August 18, 2020)
I’ve loved David Joy’s previous books, but I think this was a victim of requiring more concentration than I had to give. Susie at Novel Visits and Catherine at Gilmore Guide both loved it, so check out their reviews!
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Upcoming reading plans…

The Searcher


The Searcher by Tana French (October 6, 2020)
Though French’s previous book, The Witch Elm, started slowly, but I ended up loving it. The Searcher is another standalone novel from her. But, a part of me is also nervous about attempting a 500 page book that will likely start slowly…even if I know it will get twisty eventually.
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How was your reading week?

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what I'm reading now


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  1. I have The Searcher to read, I’m hoping it’s good.

    Wishing you a great reading week, and good luck with the schooling.

    Posted 9.14.20 Reply
  2. Kathy Martin wrote:

    I hope this week is better for you. Online learning does seem like a hard thing for elementary age students. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

    Posted 9.14.20 Reply
  3. Take care Sarah. These are tough times. Hope a better week coming up for you. Yes I bet online learning for the young cannot be easy for you all. I wasn’t feeling a book this week either. Good book i am sure but not for me.

    Posted 9.14.20 Reply
  4. Donna wrote:

    One of my reviewers read Don’t Look for Me and I thought it looked good. I hope you enjoy it.

    Posted 9.14.20 Reply

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