What I’m Reading Now (10/22/18)

My October hot streak continues this week with another 5 star book and still no books I haven’t liked! October is more than making up for my dismal September.

We’re only 1 week out from the start of Nonfiction November and I’m starting my nonfiction reading early! Check out all the details here and hope you’ll join us starting next week!

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I thought I’d jump into @howjessreads’ #31bookpics extravaganza today….featuring blue books! ⠀ _⠀ ⠀ Let me introduce my blue all-star stack from my shelves…⠀ 📘 Shelter by @jungyun71 – one of my favorite books of 2016! ⠀ 📘 The Dinner by #hermankoch – one of my favorite “short books that packs a powerful punch!”⠀ 📘 Black Chalk by @christopherjyates – One of my top dark and twisty campus novels…which is also one of my favorite reading categories!⠀ 📘 The Art of Fielding by #chadharbach – About baseball, but not really! PS – WHERE is Chad Harbach?? Are we ever going to see another book by him?⠀ 📘 A Little Life by @hanyayanagihara – Needs no description. Except it was one of my favorite books of 2015! Was it really that long ago?⠀ 📘 Beach Music by #patconroy – You didn’t think you’d get a stack from my shelves that didn’t include Conroy, did you?!⠀ _⠀ ⠀ Are any of these among your favorites, too? ⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookgram #amreading #bookworms #instabooks #instabook #booktalk #booklovers #booklover #bibliophile #biblio #bookaddict #bookaddiction #igreads #booksofinstagram #badassbookbabes #bluebooks ⠀

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I finished reading…

what I'm reading now



Sadie by Courtney Summers (September 4, 2018)
Not in the top echelon of Brain Candy or YA or anything, but exactly what I needed following Waiting for Eden. Mini review to come.
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A Ladder to the Sky by John Boyne (November 13, 2018)
Much darker and more demented than The Heart’s Invisible Furies, but also incredibly engrossing! 5 stars and it deserves a place on my 16 Character-Driven Novels I Couldn’t Put Down list! Full review to come.
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I’m currently reading…

Driven Julie Heldman


Driven by Julie Heldman (August 22, 2018)
I’m only about 10% into this memoir from a 1960’s tennis star and the emotional abuse…it sounds like it’s going to be Mommie Dearest of tennis.

Upcoming reading plans…

If it comes through from the library when I think it will…


Fifth Risk


The Fifth Riskby Michael Lewis (October 2, 2018)
Michael Lewis is one of my auto-buy authors. I think he’s a master at making dry topics entertaining and breaking down complicated concepts so the layperson can understand them. This time, he’s tackling the U.S. government. However, I’m a little skittish because I haven’t loved his two most recent books (Flash Boys and The Undoing Project).

was reading…

One Year Ago: I started Nonfiction November reading early last year too!

Two Years Ago: I was in the middle of an excellent Alcohol & Advil combo!

How was your reading week?

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  1. I still have to get to The Heart’s Invisible Furies. Driven sounds intense. I’m beginning to think the tennis world is pretty messed up.

    Posted 10.22.18 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      Yes, you do!

      And, I kind of think most elite sports worlds are kind of messed up. Maybe some more messed up than others, but all pretty messed up in their own way….all those highly intense, competitive people trying to win all shoved together?

      Posted 11.3.18 Reply
  2. I’ve been considering The Fifth Risk, but I worry it will just depress me. I do need some good nonfiction recs because nothing right now is really speaking to me. (Fiction either for that matter.) Luckily, I’ve read quite a bit of nonfiction already this year!

    Posted 10.22.18 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      I finished it and it will probably depress you. But, it’s pretty fascinating also.

      Posted 11.3.18 Reply
  3. RK wrote:

    I loved The Heart’s Invisible Furies so glad to hear Ladder to the Sky was also great!

    Posted 10.22.18 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      Excellent, but really different from HIF. Keep that in mind so you’re not surprised.

      Posted 11.3.18 Reply
  4. Aymee wrote:

    I want to read Sadie! Also I put The Fifth Risk on my hold list at the library, too.

    My roundup!

    Posted 10.22.18 Reply
  5. Amanda wrote:

    I am so curious about the Fifth Risk. Will look forward to hearing your thoughts. Though now I realize I haven’t read his last two you mention. So off to goodreads to figure out why that is.

    Posted 10.22.18 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      I have a lot of thoughts about it. Was pretty fascinating, but also kind of all over the place. Wasn’t sure what his purpose was? I learned a lot about government that I had no idea about before and he mad seemingly boring departments sound really interesting.

      Posted 11.3.18 Reply
  6. I’ve been eyeing Sadie, and I’m curious about A Ladder to the Sky. Thanks for sharing, and here are

    Posted 10.22.18 Reply
  7. Looking forward to your review of A Ladder To the Sky – it might have to go on my TBR list!

    Posted 10.22.18 Reply
  8. Kathy Martin wrote:

    Sadie is coming up soon on my calendar. I’ve heard good things about it. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

    Posted 10.22.18 Reply
  9. Melissa wrote:

    I just picked Sadie up from the library, it looks pretty good.

    Posted 10.22.18 Reply
  10. Madeline wrote:

    Unusually I have a bunch of non-fiction in the queue: The Fifth Risk, Small Fry, Leadership in Turbulent Times, Bad Blood, Boom Town and Dopesick.

    Posted 10.22.18 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      Boom Town and Dopesick are still on my list…hoping to get to at least on of them this month!

      Posted 11.3.18 Reply
  11. Erin Barret wrote:

    I’ve heard really great things about Driven! May be next on my list. Currently in to “Spirit of the Fox” by Matthew O’Connell – http://www.matthewoconnellauthor.com. A great women’s fiction novel, full of mystery and suspense!

    Posted 10.26.18 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      So…I finished Driven. She’s got a great story, but desperately needed an editor (not sure if she used one or not since it was self-published). It’s outrageously long and repetitive. Mini review coming later this month.

      Posted 11.3.18 Reply

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