What I’m Reading Now (3/19/18)

March 19, 2018 It's Monday! What are you reading? 23

Last week I talked about how it was great to finally have something to get excited about during March Madness (my husband and I both went to UVA). I’m just going to go bury my head in the sand now…

On a better note, I did finish 3 books last week! After I finish my current read, I’m going to be starting the final push to find candidates for my 2018 Summer Reading Guide (coming in May)!

Tools of Titans Tip
I’m slowly working my way through Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss, a collection of highlights from interviews he’s done with various stars of their fields. It’s chock full of awesome tidbits, so I thought I’d share the most helpful tip I pick up each week. I just started the ”Wealthy” section.

On Prioritizing Your Time:
This concept first sunk in with me after reading Sarah Knight’s The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck and is one of the things I try to keep in mind as I figure out how to prioritize my precious non-child rearing time.

“Because most of us say yes to too much stuff, and then, we let these little, mediocre things fill our lives…The problem is, when that occasional, “Oh my God, hell yeah! thing comes along, you don’t have enough time to give it the attention you should, because you’ve said yes to too much other little, half-ass stuff, right? Once I started applying this, my life just opened up.”

– From Derek Sivers, Founder of CDBaby and HostBaby

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Did y’all watch the recent season of #thebachelor?! Quite an ending, right? If you want to know more about how stuff like that goes down behind the scenes, Bachelor Nation is a must read! And, it’s just one book I’m recommending in my MARCH 2018 BOOKS TO READ (AND SKIP) post (LINK IN PROFILE WITH FULL LIST). #partner @duttonbooks @simonandschuster @eccobooks @doubledaybooks ⠀ _⠀ ⠀ Books Discussed in this post (some great, some less great):⠀ – Bachelor Nation by Amy Kaufman⠀ – Laura & Emma by Kate Greathead⠀ – Tangerine by Christine Mangan⠀ – The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian⠀ – Girls Burn Brighter by Shobha Rao _⠀ ⠀ How has your March reading been? What is your favorite March book so far? Least favorite?⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ #bookstagram #amreading #bookworm #instabooks #bookblogger #booklover #booklovers #booksofinstagram #bookgram #bookblogger #bookaddict #bookaddiction #instareads #bachelornation #thebachelor @amykinla @christinerosemangan ⠀

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I finished reading…

Alternate Side, Not That I Could Tell, Glitter and Glue

Alternate Side
 by Anna Quindlen (March 20, 2018)
Not Quindlen’s best work. Full review coming on Thursday.

Not That I Could Tellby Jessica Strawser (March 20, 2018)
This “thriller” was my March Book of the Month selection! And, man, do I wish I’d skipped it. I kept waiting for something to happen, but it never really did. And, the resolution to the main suspenseful element wasn’t surprising at all. This book needed great writing and social commentary to carry it and it had neither. I skimmed the last 40% or so.

Glitter and Glueby Kelly Corrigan (February 4, 2014)
I loved Corrigan’s Tell Me More earlier this year and was excited to delve into her backlist. While I didn’t love Glitter and Glue quite as much as Tell Me More, I did really like it…it has the same trademark style as Tell Me MoreGlitter and Glue focuses on Corrigan’s time as a nanny for an Australian family who had just lost their mother, which transformed her outlook on her own mother and mothering in general. Read by Corrigan herself, this was great on audio!

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I’m currently reading…

Female Persuasion


The Female Persuasionby Meg Wolitzer (April 3, 2018)
I’m over halfway through and thoroughly enjoying Meg Wolitzer’s (one of my favorite authors) new novel! I’d heard it was kind of a feminist manifesto and it has that element, but it’s more the story of a girl, her friend, and her boyfriend trying to make it in the world. It’s such a treat to read Wolitzer’s writing again and I can’t wait to see how Greer (the main character) turns out.
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Upcoming reading plans…

How to Be Safe


How to Be Safeby Tom McAllister (April 3, 2018)
I’m taking a bit of a risk on this novel about a female high school teacher who is named as a suspect in a school shooting while suspended from her teaching job. It hasn’t come recommended by a trusted recommendation source, but the premise looked interest. 

was reading…

One Year Ago: I’d just read two underrated gems.

Two Years Ago: I was reading a super eye-opening book about what young girls are facing these days.

How was your reading week?

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23 Responses to “What I’m Reading Now (3/19/18)”

  1. renee

    Well you might’ve saved me a long, boring read for Not That I could Tell…I may just skip it. I wasn’t impressed with Almost Missed You Last year but the premise of her new one sounded so good I thought I’d give her another try. Skimming is never a good sign though:( I’ve never heard of How to Be Safe so I’ll look forward to your thoughts on that one

    • Sarah Dickinson

      Definitely skip it if you’ve already read her and weren’t a huge fan.

  2. Wendy

    I actually just finished Deena Kastor’s memoir (to be released in April) and it was fantastic! You know that feeling when you’ve read a really good book and nothing sounds appealing? That’s where I’m at right now.

    • Sarah Dickinson

      That sounds like a good one! I love sports memoirs on audio…I’ll add it to the list.

      And yes – it’s called the reading hangover! I usually try to pick something completely different than what I just read.

  3. Susie | Novel Visits

    Oh! I have How To Be Safe of my TBR list, too. I couldn’t resist the premise since it hits so close to home. Unfortunately, I didn’t get approved for the ARC, so will have to wait until after it’s released.

    Looking forward to that review of Alternate Side. It should be interesting!

  4. Kay

    Hmmm…well, I have Not That I Could Tell here, but am not in a rush, though it did sound good to me. So sorry about UVA. What a crazy March Madness this has been, right?

  5. Kathy Martin

    All of your books are new to me. Sorry about UVA. I don’t follow basketball but did hear about the upset. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  6. Laurel-Rain Snow

    I am enjoying Not That I Could Tell…and you’re right, not a lot is happening. But it is so good to read something that doesn’t make me want to throw the book…or puke. (Last week I read and didn’t like My Absolute Darling, for one).

    I also enjoyed Alternate Side.

    Thanks for sharing…and here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

    • Sarah Dickinson

      Oh man – I did not like the portion of My Absolute Darling that I read…have no idea why that thing was on so many Best Books of 2017 lists!

  7. JoAnn @ Lakeside Musing

    You got Wolitzer’s novel! Can’t wait to hear what you think. Also looking forward to your Anna Quindlen review. I’m sure I’ll read both novels.

    Sorry about that UVA game – craziest thing I’ve ever seen during March Madness. Pretty surprised Syracuse is off to the Sweet 16, too…

    • Sarah Dickinson

      I did and it was fantastic! In my top 3 of the year so far!

      And, yes, thanks….go figure. We’re great at choking…

  8. Allison

    Kind of glad that I skipped BOTM this time; Not That I Could Tell looked like the best one, and it’s been getting a lot of recommendations, but it just didn’t sound all that compelling.

    Also wanted to mention that I pointed my mom to your site recently! I got her a BOTM subscription as a gift and she’s been trying to figure out how to decide what to get. Your posts on the first of the month are super helpful.

    How to Be Safe looks interesting. I’m looking forward to your thoughts when you get to it.

    • Sarah Dickinson

      Thanks so much for pointing your Mom over here and I’m thrilled she’s finding those posts helpful! They’ve been getting more and more traction each month!

      And I wish I’d skipped last month 🙁

  9. Sherie L

    I read a debut by Rox Nay, Our Little Secret. It was a nice fast read and while I had looked for a little more depth in a couple of places, I enjoyed the read. I found myself casting actors into the roles and could easily see this as a movie. I could feel the tension and mixed signals coupled with obsession and stress that unfortunately seem too prominent in today’s relationships. Looking forward to see how the author’s writing style grows in her next book. Now I’m on to The Last Equation of Isaac Severy.

  10. Tara

    UGH, well, I guess I can now put Alternate Side and Not That I Could Tell on the back burner; thanks for the heads up, Sarah! I’m so glad you’re enjoying The Female Persuasion!

  11. Arianna

    Glitter and Glue was NOTHING like I expected, but it was a cute read (if I recall). Here’s what I thought of it! – http://www.shelfnotes.com/2013/11/glitter-and-glue.html – I hadn’t read anything else by her, though, before or since. (This was a BEA ARC.) I’d be interested to know if you think this is up to her normal par! Or if I should read something else to get a better sense of that author.

    • Sarah Dickinson

      I thought Tell Me More was similarly written, but much better! Try that one!

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