Podcast Episode 68: Eilene Zimmerman (Author of Smacked: A Story of White-Collar Ambition, Addiction, and Tragedy)

Eilene Zimmerman


In Episode 68, Eilene Zimmerman (author of Smacked) shares how she decided to go public with her experience discovering her ex-husband was addicted to drugs, her research into addiction in the legal profession, and how Peter’s death shaped Eilene’s life now.

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  • How Eilene went from not divulging the real reason Peter died beyond a very small circle of friends and family to writing a memoir about her experience.
  • How her kids have been doing since Smacked was published.
  • How Peter’s law firm reacted to the NYT article and the book’s publication.
  • When Eilene believes Peter first started using.
  • What it was like for Eilene to go through this as Peter’s ex-wife (rather than as his wife).
  • Why she started missing Peter after he passed away (even though they’d been split up for quite awhile).
  • Addiction in the legal profession and the toxic culture of BigLaw.
  • Eilene’s journalism career and how Peter’s addiction and death shaped her journalism career moving forward.
  • Smacked being optioned for film by Elisabeth Moss’ production company.

Eilene’s Book Recommendations [30:38]

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About Eilene

Eilene ZimmermanWebsite | Instagram

Eilene Zimmerman is a journalist and social worker. For three decades, she has written about business, technology and social issues for a wide array of national magazines and newspapers. She was a columnist for The New York Times Sunday Business section for six years and since 2004 has been a regular contributor to the newspaper. In September 2020, Zimmerman completed a masters degree in social work.

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