What I’m Reading Now (10/29/18)

I got an early start on my Nonfiction November reading last week, which is a nice change of pace from my normal reading! Focusing on a different genre and reading lots of backlist and based on mood is a bit freeing. Go here for more details on how to participate. And, look for my Year in Nonfiction post tomorrow!

And, here are the Nonfiction November Instagram prompts! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #Nonficnov!

Nonfiction November 2018 Instagram Prompts


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It’s taken me 10 months into 2018 to find the right combination of books for an Alcohol & Advil post! So, welcome to the first Alcohol & Advil post of 2018…LINK IN PROFILE ⠀ _⠀ ⠀ Waiting for Eden by @elliot.ackerman gut-punched me over and over in only 192 pages. It’s not for everyone, but if you like books that make you acutely FEEL, even if those feelings are tough, you have to read this book. ⠀ _⠀ ⠀ Sadie by @courtneysummers, while not perfect, was just the quick and easy read I needed following Waiting for Eden. It’s YA, which is not normally my thing, but I love that Sadie was partially told through a Serial-esque podcast transcript.⠀ _⠀ ⠀ What was the last book that gave you a massive reading hangover?⠀ _⠀ ⠀ Alcohol & Advil is my feature where I pair a book likely to cause a “reading hangover” (i.e. the alcohol) with a recovery book (i.e. the Advil)! For me, the “alcohol” is usually a book that I either absolutely loved or one that punched me in the gut in an emotionally depleting way…and, in this case, it’s both.⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookgram #amreading #bookworms #instabooks #instabook #booktalk #booklovers #booklover #bibliophile #biblio #bookaddict #bookaddiction #igreads #booksofinstagram #badassbookbabes #youngadultbooks @aaknopf @wednesdaybooks⠀

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I finished reading…

what I'm reading now


Driven by Julie Heldman (August 22, 2018)
I enjoyed all the tennis history in this memoir, but it desperately needed an editor (it was self-published, which I don’t normally read for this very reason)! 446 pages was outrageous. Mini review coming.
Affiliate Link: Buy from Amazon

Bad Blood by John Carreyrou (May 21, 2018) – AUDIOBOOK
Though I did get lost in some of the science and engineering details, this true story of the meteoric rise and spectacular fall of the Silicon Valley startup, Theranos, was kind of mind-blowing. And, also a bit scary for investors. Mini review coming.
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I’m currently reading…

Bird by Bird


Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott (January 1, 1994)
Believe it or not, this is my first time reading the legendary Anne Lamott! She’s so relatable and funny, which I didn’t expect for some reason. I’m only 25% through, but think I’ll definitely be reading more of her in the future.

Upcoming reading plans…

Still waiting on this library hold, which my Libby app says is “coming soon”…

Fifth Risk


The Fifth Riskby Michael Lewis (October 2, 2018)
Michael Lewis is one of my auto-buy authors. I think he’s a master at making dry topics entertaining and breaking down complicated concepts so the layperson can understand them. This time, he’s tackling the U.S. government. However, I’m a little skittish because I didn’t love his two most recent books (Flash Boys and The Undoing Project).

was reading…

One Year Ago: I read what I’m pretty sure is one of my favorite books of all-time!

Two Years Ago: I was reading a couple books that I remember virtually nothing about.

How was your reading week?

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  1. Susan wrote:

    I have read just 3 non-fiction books so far this year. This month I actually read “All That You Can Ever Know” by Nicole Chung. The book is about a Korean adoptee who searches for her biological family and finds them. I was very touched of course since this whole search and find is near and dear to my heart. I found the first 78 pages dragged after that I couldn’t put it down I finished in a afternoon.
    The other two non-fiction books I’ve read this year are “Hillbilly Elegy”, and “The American Radical”. It will be interesting to see what all the book bloggers I follow end up reading in November for non-fiction book reading month.

    Posted 10.29.18 Reply
  2. I’m so glad you’re enjoying Anne Lamott’s work! It is definitely worth going back to her older books (her latest few have not been great) on faith and (grand)parenting.

    Posted 10.29.18 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      I was going to comment the same thing! Operating Instructions is my favorite book of hers, and I read it while I had a newborn (going on 10 years ago). It just felt like great, big sisterly advice.

      Posted 10.30.18 Reply
  3. Did you know Anne Lamott has a new book out called Almost Everything? It’s a collection of essays on hope. I was thinking about trying it. The Michael Lewis book is another I’m considering, but not sure if I can take anything involving politics right now!

    Posted 10.29.18 Reply
  4. Glad you’re reading Anne Lamott. Traveling Mercies was wonderful, too.

    Posted 10.29.18 Reply
  5. I avoid self published books for the same reason.

    I should do NN some year because I love nonfiction.

    Posted 10.29.18 Reply
  6. I read Sally Field’s new memoir (In Pieces), and I am pondering which nonfiction book I’ll read next.

    Enjoy your week. I am curious about Sadie.


    Posted 10.29.18 Reply
  7. Anisa Mcdaniel wrote:

    I was into NF, but going off it in November. All Suspense/Romance for me. I already started with Stolen Obsession by Marlene Bell. So good. Great characters and the story is awesome so far, I hate to put it down! That’s how all books should be!!

    Posted 10.29.18 Reply
  8. Kathy Martin wrote:

    I don’t read nonfiction so November will be reading as usual for me. I did start reading Sadie this morning when I was away from home and needed a Kindle book to read. I’ll be alternating it with my current print review book. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

    Posted 10.29.18 Reply
  9. Allison wrote:

    Look at you getting a head start on nonfiction! I’m scrambling to finish the fiction in my queue and am probably too ambitious in my reading plans. November always feels short, with the holiday and school days off.

    I’m looking forward to your thoughts on Bird by Bird. I have a general like of Anne Lamott, but I read Traveling Mercies years ago and don’t remember much of it. I also read some of her fiction a couple years ago but wasn’t that impressed–I think her nonfiction is generally her best writing.

    Posted 10.29.18 Reply
  10. Donna wrote:

    I read a few non-fiction books each year, but I don’t know if I could read it for a full month. See what I read this month at Girl Who Reads

    Posted 10.29.18 Reply
  11. Good luck with Nonfiction November! I’m doing that, too, but unofficially because I don’t have time to write extra blog posts. I’m just going to see how much nonfiction I can read in a month.

    Posted 10.29.18 Reply
  12. I immediately think of “Shitty First Drafts” every time I see Bird by Bird! I used that with my students for years! 😀

    Posted 10.30.18 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      YES!! So much of her advice was so commonsense.

      Posted 11.4.18 Reply

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