What I’m Reading Now (6/18/18)

Last week, Goodsreads kindly informed me I was 2 books behind schedule for my 2018 reading goal. Well, I’m happy to say that, after this weekend, I’m now back on track! We spent the weekend in the Chesapeake Bay area and I was thrilled to get a lot of reading done (a house without a TV or Internet will help with that)…and do some fun things with my family (my son caught a skate off the dock!).

I also shared my June 2018 Books to Read (and Skip) last week. And, June had some winners!

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I finished reading…

what I'm reading now


The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai (June 19, 2018)
LOVED and reviewed last week!
Affiliate Link: Pre-Order from Amazon

Nomadland by Jessica Bruder (September 19, 2017, Audiobook)
I thought the overarching themes of a new class of nomadic, working elderly were really interesting and I was also intrigued by the behind-the-scenes of how Amazon’s warehouses function, but I think this was probably more suited to a long-form article rather than a full length book. Overall, I’m lukewarm on it.

The Book of Essie by Meghan MacLean Weir (June 19, 2018)
A perfect, easy, but totally intriguing and well-done recovery book from The Great Believers! I flew through it. I’ll be adding it to my 2018 Summer Reading Guide.
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I’m currently reading…

what I'm reading now


Only Child by Rhiannon Navin (February 6, 2018)
This novel about a school shooting told from the perspective of a seven year-old boy comes highly recommended by Catherine at Gilmore Guide to Books and Michelle at That’s What She Read. I’m only 5% in, so I don’t really have an opinion yet…I’ll keep you posted!

Calypso by David Sedaris (May 29, 2018)
Y’all, I’m actually reading a hardcover book (it was one of my June Book of the Month picks)!! My first of the year if you can believe that. Because it’s a hardcover, it’s not my primary book…I’m reading an essay here and there. The first two essays were right on point.

Upcoming reading plans…

What We Were Promised


What We Were Promised by Lucy Tan (July 10, 2018)
Anne Bogel at Modern Mrs. Darcy recommended this family drama set in Shanghai in her 2018 Summer Reading Guide. We’ll see how it goes…

was reading…

One Year Ago: I was catching up on my Anna Quindlen backlist.

Two Years Ago: I was reading a quirky coming of age novel that ended up on my Best Books of 2016 So Far list.

How was your reading week?

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  1. Kay wrote:

    I’m seeing The Book of Essie around and am intrigued by that one. Think I’ll try it.

    Posted 6.18.18 Reply
  2. RK wrote:

    I’m also planning to read What We Were Promised, hope you enjoy it.

    Posted 6.18.18 Reply
  3. Hmmm…I’ll be curious what you think of Only Child. I liked it, but not as much as Catherine. What We Were Promised hasn’t even been on my radar, so I’m also curious about that one. Glad you had such a nice weekend. Sounds wonderful!

    Posted 6.18.18 Reply
  4. I’ve been eyeing The Book of Essie…I now may have to add it to the stack!

    Enjoy your week…and here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

    Posted 6.18.18 Reply
  5. Allison wrote:

    I’m also reading Only Child right now. So far I’m intrigued and frustrated with the family. I’ll be interested in your thoughts!

    Posted 6.18.18 Reply
  6. Beth F wrote:

    #$%^& privacy check boxes. I had a clever comment, but it was lost. Anyway, basically I said that I’m thinking of Great Believers on audio and that Sedaris is hit or miss with me. The Singapore book looks interesting.

    Posted 6.18.18 Reply
  7. I’m so jealous that you have Calypso. I requested it on Netgalley but haven’t heard anything back. I’ll have to pick up a copy the next time I’m at a bookstore.

    Posted 6.18.18 Reply
  8. Tara wrote:

    I loved Only Child! I’ve heard, from several running friends to whom I’ve recommended this one, that it can be an especially for those with children; however, they all said it was worth it!

    Posted 6.18.18 Reply
  9. Kathy Martin wrote:

    Nice assortment of books. All are new to me. I can see having lots more reading time without television or the internet but don’t want that for me. I go through major withdrawal if my internet isn’t working. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

    Posted 6.18.18 Reply
  10. Michelle wrote:

    I am off to a week-long dance convention next week and am hoping to do some serious reading when my daughter does not have dance. Of course, now that I say that, I won’t get anything read but a girl can dream. Maybe if I institute a no-TV policy for the week…

    Posted 6.18.18 Reply
  11. Nomadland is still on my wishlist. My weekly updates

    Posted 6.18.18 Reply
  12. Kate Scott wrote:

    I really loved Nomadland. I listened to the audiobook, which I think added something to the experience. I was really impressed with Bruder’s writing and use of language.

    Posted 6.19.18 Reply
  13. Sarah R wrote:

    I loved Nomadland. You’re right that parts could have been edited out, but overall, it really gave me a lot to think about.

    I just finished The Book of Essie yesterday. I thought it was good, but I would love to hear from someone with a teenage son their thoughts on how the character of Roark was written.

    I just started Small Great Things.

    Posted 6.19.18 Reply
  14. Last week I finished Circe by Madeline Miller. Loved it so much! I also read Sara Paretsky’s latest, Fallout, This Rough Magic by Mary Stewart. Currently reading The Alice Network by Kate Quinn for a reading group.

    Posted 6.19.18 Reply
  15. Margaret waters wrote:

    Just finI shed Varins, and it was breathtaking. So happy Charles Frazier has hit the mark again.

    Posted 6.19.18 Reply
    • Margaret waters wrote:

      Oops. Varina.

      Posted 6.19.18 Reply
  16. Sherie wrote:

    Finished my ARC of Baby Teeth by zone stage. Absolutely loved it! Though I may have to hide the scissors next time my daughter is moody…Now I’m reading an Amish mystery A Gathering of Secrets by Lida Castillo. It is a super fast read and very enjoyable.

    Posted 6.19.18 Reply
  17. Man, Goodreads really keeps close tabs on y’all with your reading goals! I think I would stress if Goodreads told me that I was failing, even if I had the wherewithal — like you! — to quickly catch up. My reading week last week was TRASH, but fortunately my reading week this week is shaping up to be awesome. I love books.

    Posted 6.19.18 Reply
  18. Catherine wrote:

    Glad you liked The Book of Essie- it hit the spot for me.

    And I already know what happened with Only Child. I can see how it would be a book that either works well or not at all. On to better books!

    Posted 6.23.18 Reply

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