March 2018 Monthly Round-Up

March 2018 Monthly Round-Up


March…I’m done with you! I’m so done with surprise snow storms and kids being home from school. I was writing a book review the other week while my kids were literally hanging their heads over both my shoulders asking me repeatedly when I was going to be done.

But, March did bring some great reading…quantity and quality! I almost made it through without a single DNF, but tacked on two at the very last minute.

I read 9 books this month, two of which were audio. My audiobook listening fell off in February, so I’m glad to get my normal 2 audiobooks per month in this time around! Bonus, I had a very clear favorite book of the month (my second 5 star book of the year)!




Best-Selling Book (via my affiliate links)

Emma in the Night by Wendy Walker (my review) – my top-selling book of 2017 still going strong!


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March Quality and Recommendation Sources

Reading Quality 

March 2018

  • % Successful Books Attempted (includes DNF’s) = 64% (still above my 43% success rate from 2017)
  • % Successful Books Finished (does not include DNFs) = 78%

2018 Year-to-Date (through March)

  • % Successful Books Attempted (includes DNF’s) = 54% (still above my 43% success rate from 2017)
  • % Successful Books Finished (does not include DNFs) = 81%

Successful Recommendation Sources

If you’re interested in tracking these types of stats, my “Rock Your Reading” Tracker does all the heavy lifting for you! Enter your book details and it automatically compiles everything into Summary Charts in real time! Go here for more details.

April Releases I’m Excited About

The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer (April 3)
Look Alive Out There: Essays by Sloane Crosley (April 3)
You Think It, I’ll Say It: Stories by Curtis Sittenfeld (April 24)

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Favorite Posts by Fellow Bloggers

I’m making up for last month‘s light list with a super hefty one today!

How was your reading month?

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  1. I’ve been looking forward to reading the Female Persuasion. Glad to hear you liked it!

    Posted 3.30.18 Reply
  2. It sounds like I need to pick up a copy of The Female Persuasion.

    Posted 3.30.18 Reply
  3. Great month, Sarah! It’s nice to see that going more with trusted recommendation sources is working so well for you. I’m in the middle of Tangerine right now, and will start The Female Persuasion next.

    I started working on my wrap up for March (won’t have up until next week) and like you have a bunch of favorites from other bloggers, but we only have one in common. Seems like there was a lot going on in March!

    Posted 3.30.18 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      This reminds me that I need to go back and read your March Round-Up!

      Posted 4.11.18 Reply
  4. Wow! I can’t believe it’s already the end of the month and time for monthly wrap-ups!
    I’m sorry to see you didn’t enjoy Not That I Can Tell. It’s one I’ve been looking forward to; admittedly it’s the cover that put it on my list.
    I don’t necessarily avoid buzzword books, but I didn’t really like Gone Girl, so that blurb would not pull me in!

    Posted 3.30.18 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      I know so many people who hated Gone Girl – mostly because of the dislikable characters!

      Posted 4.11.18 Reply
  5. Angela wrote:

    That’s too bad about Not That I Could Tell – that’s high on my TBR. But it sounds like you had a great reading month! I haven’t had a 5 star book yet this year, but I’ve come close, including a couple this month.

    Posted 3.30.18 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      Close is good too!

      Posted 4.11.18 Reply
  6. Lisa wrote:

    Brass is on hold for me at the library. I’ve had a dece,t reading month. Mostly history.

    Posted 3.30.18 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      Good for you! My reading wasn’t nearly as educational.

      Posted 4.11.18 Reply
  7. I’m ready for March to be over, too. Unfortunately, I think April will be just as snowy. I’m glad you were able to find some quality books in March. Have a great April!

    Posted 3.30.18 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      So far, I have seen snowflakes in April…grr!

      Posted 4.11.18 Reply
  8. I love your percentages of successful reads, that’s such a nice metric to keep! I think I’m too nervous of giving below-three-stars ratings to things even just inside my own reading statistics spreadsheet, so I don’t know that I’d be able to find such a rating. :p

    (Glad you enjoyed the Bachelor post! It was a cool book and a fun post to read!)

    Posted 3.30.18 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      Interesting…why are you nervous to rate below 3 stars? I don’t have many sub-3 star ratings mostly because I DNF those books, but I’d have plenty if I counted DNFs!

      Posted 4.11.18 Reply
  9. Catherine wrote:

    I’m so glad you read Glitter & Glue. I knew you’d like it. I think it such a great mother/daughter book.

    March was a hit or miss month. Which is to say- the new normal. That’s all right. If I can get more goods than DNFs then I’m even happier to find a 4-5 star!

    I’m saving the Wolitzer to read after I DNF something because I know I can count on it to be good!

    Posted 3.31.18 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      Ugh – we need to get you a solidly good month!

      Posted 4.11.18 Reply
  10. Renee wrote:

    Thanks for including me in your monthly recap Sarah! I didn’t have The Female Persuasion on my radar but I do now that you’ve given it 5 stars!

    Posted 4.2.18 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      You’re welcome!

      Posted 4.11.18 Reply
  11. AH I’m sorry you didn’t like Not That I Could Tell! I have a black mark on the reading tracker now! 😉 I finished Tangerine this week and really enjoyed it!

    Posted 4.3.18 Reply

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