Podcast Episode 41: Winter 2020 Book Preview

Winter 2020 Book Preview

Welcome back for the first episode of 2020…the Winter 2020 Book Preview with Catherine of Gilmore Guide to Books!

Catherine and I share our most anticipated books coming out for the first quarter (January – March) of 2020.

Also, stay tuned for my Most Anticipated Books of Winter 2020 blog post, which is coming out tomorrow. I’ll share some of the books I talked about in this podcast, but also some that I didn’t!

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Starting this month, I’m introducing a new bonus feature for $5/month podcast patrons! I’m going to do a monthly solo episode (i.e. no co-host) where I do the book recommendations segment from Sarah’s Book Shelves Live.

So, I’ll share…

  • 2 Old Books I Love
  • 2 New Books I Love
  • 1 Book I Didn’t Love (this could be a DNF)
  • 1 Upcoming Release I’m Excited About

These episodes will be released around mid-month. I’m so excited to have a place to talk about the books I’m loving (and not loving) beyond just piping in when I happen to have read a book my guest is sharing.

If you’d like access to these episodes (and other bonus content), subscribe for $5/month on Patreon!


  • Catherine and my success rate for books we shared in our Fall 2019 Preview episode.
  • Our Best and Worst picks from the Fall 2019 Preview episode.
  • Catherine shares how her Louise Penny pick from the Fall Preview episode panned out.
  • Sarah’s and Catherine’s #1 Winter book picks.

Winter 2020 Book Preview


Sarah’s Picks:

Catherine’s Picks:


Sarah’s Picks:

Catherine’s Picks:


Sarah’s Picks:

Catherine’s Picks: 

Other Books Mentioned

Other Links

About Catherine Gilmore

Catherine Gilmore Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Catherine started The Gilmore Guide to Books over 6 years ago after wrapping up a career as a corporate librarian. She loves books and reading (surprise!) and currently lives in Seattle.

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Mini Episode featuring Brittany Block (@brbreads) (airing January 15)

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What Winter 2020 books are you most excited to read?

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Winter 2020 Book Preview


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  1. Cori wrote:

    Just finished listening to this episode and immediately checked my stacks and Edelweiss to see what I needed to download! Most were already on my radar – confirming I need to prioritize them… but there were a few that I had eyed and rejected that are now on my list! Thanks for a great episode

    Posted 1.16.20 Reply

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