Podcast Episode 23: Hyped Books of 2019 So Far with Carla from Happiest When Reading

Hyped Books of 2019 So Far

In Episode 23, Carla from Happiest When Reading joins me to break down the 2019 books so far that most deserve the hype, least deserve the hype, and the best underrated gems.

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2019 Books that MOST Deserved the Hype (So Far)

Sarah’s Picks

Carla’s Picks

Our Co-Sign Pick

2019 Books that LEAST Deserved the Hype (So Far)

Sarah’s Picks

Carla’s Picks

2019 Underrated Gems (So Far)

Sarah’s Picks

Carla’s Picks

Our Co-Sign Pick

Other Books Mentioned

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About Carla

Happiest When ReadingBlog | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter 

As a stay-at-home mama to two “tween” kids, I finally have more time to dedicate to reading. I have loved getting back into a passion of mine that I’ve had since I was a small girl. But sadly, what I quickly came to realize is that I really don’t have a lot of local reading friends. As a way to connect with others who love to read just as much as I do, I started my “Bookstagram” account (@happiestwhenreading). This community has given me a place to engage in bookish conversations, and I can truly say I have made so many online friendships that I’m truly grateful to have.

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In two weeks: Grace Atwood and Becca Freeman from the Bad on Paper Podcast (airing July 10)

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What hyped books of 2019 so far do you think deserve their hype?

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  1. Good picks–I loved Daisy Jones (and reviewed it this week), but couldn’t stand Normal People–even DNF it.

    Posted 6.26.19 Reply
  2. Tiffany wrote:

    My overlooked gem is Southern Lady Code. It’s poignant and hilarious, which takes real skill.

    I liked The Dreamers a lot, but I loved Age of Miracles. I can’t wait to see what you think of it.

    Posted 6.26.19 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      I liked Southern Lady Code too…just didn’t make this particular list for me!

      Posted 7.11.19 Reply
  3. JanB wrote:

    Fun episode and my opinions are all over the place with your lists! I enjoyed thinking about what would be on my list.

    The ones that deserved the hype. I 100% agree with both of your choices except for City of Girls which I DNF’d. I’d add Miracle Creek.

    Of the 5 Overrated books i read 4: liked the Wendy Walker, but DNF’d Night Tiger. Loved The Dreamers and Normal People. Golden Child was great on audio and it’s a book I still think about. I would add There, There by and The Last Romantics Tommy Orange to my overrated list.

    Underrated gems: 100% on board with your choices Sarah. Haven’t read Carla’s picks. I’d add Anthony Horowitz’s book The Sentence is Death, Little Faith by Nickolas Butler, and The Current by Tim Johnston.

    Posted 7.1.19 Reply
    • JanB wrote:

      Oops….hope you can make sense of my botched cut & paste job

      Posted 7.1.19 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      Wait – is that the same Nickolas Butler who wrote Shotgun Lovesongs??? How did I miss that book?!

      I DNF’d There, There.

      And – the only reason Miracle Creek isn’t on my list is that there wasn’t any hype yet when I read it.

      Posted 7.11.19 Reply
      • Jan wrote:

        Sarah, yes the same Nickolas Butler! See? Underrated. I found out about it from a list Parnassus published on their blog. I really liked it.

        You’re right about Miracle Creek. So maybe I’d put it in the underrated category, haha!

        The only reason I finished (skimmed) There, There was because it was for book club. I don’t get the hype on that one

        Posted 7.11.19 Reply
  4. Sarah R wrote:

    I just finished The Body in Question this morning. Wow, was that good! Probably going to be in my top 10 for 2019. I also loved Fleishman is in Trouble, but that is getting a decent amount of hype since everyone loves Taffy’s celebrity profiles. My favorite book with almost no hype (that I’ve seen) is Feast Your Eyes by Myla Goldberg.

    I agree with Carla on Normal People – I couldn’t get into it at all.

    Posted 7.2.19 Reply
    • Sarah Dickinson wrote:

      So glad you loved Body in Question! Such a unique book!

      Posted 7.11.19 Reply

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